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Archival description hierarchy

# Reference code Title Dates Access restrictions Retrieval information
1 ADD.MS.c/1 Miscellaneous letters 1653-1952 None
2 ADD.MS.c/17 Miscellanea related to A. H. Hallam and H. F. Hallam [19th cent] None
3 ADD.MS.c/21 Papers relating to The Correspondence of Richard Bentley, edited by John and Christopher Wordsworth [19th cent] None
4 ADD.MS.c/24 Henry Jackson: Correspondence A 1861-1921 None
5 ADD.MS.c/25 Henry Jackson: Correspondence B.1 1858-1925 None
6 ADD.MS.c/26 Henry Jackson: Correspondence B.2 1846-1947 None
7 ADD.MS.c/27 Henry Jackson: Correspondence C 1863-1948 None
8 ADD.MS.c/28 Henry Jackson: Correspondence D 1864-1922 None
9 ADD.MS.c/29 Henry Jackson: Correspondence E 1864-1922 None
10 ADD.MS.c/30 Henry Jackson: Correspondence F 1862-1950 None
11 ADD.MS.c/31 Henry Jackson: Correspondence G 1853-1922 None
12 ADD.MS.c/32 Henry Jackson: Correspondence H 1856-1949 None
13 ADD.MS.c/33 Henry Jackson: Correspondence I 1875-1922 None
14 ADD.MS.c/34 Henry Jackson: Correspondence J 1856-1922 None
15 ADD.MS.c/35 Henry Jackson: Correspondence K 1890-1921 None
16 ADD.MS.c/36 Henry Jackson: Correspondence L 1860-1948 None
17 ADD.MS.c/37 Henry Jackson: Correspondence M 1894-1947 None
18 ADD.MS.c/38 Henry Jackson: Correspondence N 1896-1912 None
19 ADD.MS.c/39 Henry Jackson: Correspondence O 1903-1926 None
20 ADD.MS.c/40 Henry Jackson: Correspondence P 1857-1948 None
21 ADD.MS.c/41 Henry Jackson: Correspondence Q 1910-1944 None
22 ADD.MS.c/42 Henry Jackson: Correspondence R 1859-1949 None
23 ADD.MS.c/43 Henry Jackson: Correspondence S [1854]-1922 None
24 ADD.MS.c/44 Henry Jackson: Correspondence T 1836-1951 None
25 ADD.MS.c/45 Henry Jackson: Correspondence V 1873-1925 None
26 ADD.MS.c/46 Henry Jackson: Correspondence W 1864-1947 None
27 ADD.MS.c/47 Henry Jackson: Correspondence Y 1963-1930 None
28 ADD.MS.c/50 A. E. Housman: letters to his sister, Kate Symons 1911–1936 None
29 ADD.MS.c/51 William Whewell letters to Richard Jones 1817-1854 None
30 ADD.MS.c/52 William Whewell letters received from Richard Jones 1819-1854 None
31 ADD.MS.c/53 William Whewell: papers relating to Richard Jones and his Literary Remains, consisting of lectures and tracts on political economy 1823-1863 None
32 ADD.MS.c/65 William Whewell papers: Cordelia Whewell autograph collection, A-L [16th cent.]-1874, [18--] None
33 ADD.MS.c/66 William Whewell papers: Cordelia Whewell autograph collection, M-Z 1607-1851, [18--] None
34 ADD.MS.c/67 William Whewell papers: Robert Leslie Ellis letters and writings and Ellis family letters 1800-1866 None
35 ADD.MS.c/72 William Hepworth Thompson: letters received A-H 1849-1886 None
36 ADD.MS.c/73 William Hepworth Thompson: letters received I-Z 1850-1886 None
37 ADD.MS.c/75 Letters removed from books in Trinity College Library None
38 ADD.MS.c/76 C W King: accounts, correspondence, press cuttings 1834–88 None
39 ADD.MS.c/78 James Clerk Maxwell: newscuttings with a photograph of his wife 1869–1875 None
40 ADD.MS.c/80 Miscellaneous letters 1675–1922 None
41 ADD.MS.c/81 Arthur D. Ingram: correspondence relating to the donation of a print of William Hodge Mill [c 1818]–1911 None
42 ADD.MS.c/86 Offprints etc of works by P E B Jourdain 20th cent None
43 ADD.MS.c/87 William Whewell: letters received A-C 1823-1865, [18--] None
44 ADD.MS.c/88 William Whewell: letters received D-G 1834–1863, [18--] None
45 ADD.MS.c/89 William Whewell: letters received H-M 1819-1865, [18--] None
46 ADD.MS.c/90 William Whewell: letters received N-S 1831–1866, [18--] None
47 ADD.MS.c/91 William Whewell: letters received T-Z 1825–1864, [18--] None
48 ADD.MS.c/92 Letters from Thomas Carlyle to Rev. Edleston and replies to an invitation to a dinner at Trinity in honour of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, the Vice-Chancellor 1843-1857 None
49 ADD.MS.c/93 Henry Sidgwick: letters received A-F 1859–1900 None
50 ADD.MS.c/94 Henry Sidgwick: letters received G-O 1867–1905 None
51 ADD.MS.c/95 Henry Sidgwick: letters received P-Y 1865–1900 None
52 ADD.MS.c/96 Henry Sidgwick: notes, lectures and student exercises 1858–1909 None
53 ADD.MS.c/97 Henry Sidgwick: publications 1889–1903 None
54 ADD.MS.c/99 Henry Sidgwick: letters to his mother, Mary 1850–1901 None
55 ADD.MS.c/100 Henry Sidgwick: letters to Mary Benson, F W H Myers et al. 1859–1900 None
56 ADD.MS.c/101 Henry Sidgwick: letters to Nora Sidgwick about Sidgwick's illness and death; letters to Sidgwick from his mother Mary; other letters and printed material 1859–1907 None
57 ADD.MS.c/103 Henry Sidgwick: letters to Nora Sidgwick, mostly regarding Henry Sidgwick: A Memoir 1875–1918 None
58 ADD.MS.c/104 Henry Sidgwick: obituaries, biographical material, letters to Nora Sidgwick, papers relating to University reform and to the Grote Club. 1867–1905 None
59 ADD.MS.c/105 Henry Sidgwick: miscellaneous correspondence (including copy letters), autobiographical fragments 1867–1906 None
60 ADD.MS.c/106 Henry Sidgwick: Reviews of Henry Sidgwick: a memoir 1906-1908 None
61 ADD.MS.c/155 John Walton Capstick: letters received 1882–1899 None
62 ADD.MS.c/190 William Whewell letters to his sister Ann Whewell 1845–1850 None
63 ADD.MS.c/191 William Whewell letters to John Whewell, Alice Lyon, and Elizabeth, Martha, and Ann Whewell 1811–1840 None
64 ADD.MS.c/192 Ann Whewell letters received from William Whewell, Cordelia Whewell, and Frances Affleck 1840–1861, [18--] None
65 ADD.MS.c/193 Ann Whewell letters received from William Whewell and Frances Affleck, with miscellaneous letters 1809–1869 None
66 ADD.MS.c/232 R. H. Shepherd: variorum readings of the poetical works of Tennyson, vol. 2 [c 1910?] None
67 ADD.MS.c/241 Fisher House newsletters 1979–1984 None
68 ADD.MS.c/244 J. Enoch Powell: Index slips recording every word in Herodotus, used for A Lexicon to Herodotus 1912-[1938] None