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Additional Manuscripts a

  • Add.MS.a
  • Fondo
  • 17th -21st cent

The additional manuscript series are artificial groupings, mostly of single items or very small archival entities, but in some cases large archives have been inserted in these series.

Trinity College Library, Cambridge

Letter from Isaac Barrow to the Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge

Pera, Constant[ino]politanae - After an apology for the long delay in writing to the Fellowship, he gives an account of his travels from Paris, with a description of his stay in Florence, prolonged because of the plague in Naples, which was predicted to spread to Rome whither he had planned to go next; heeding the warning that if caught by the plague he would not be able to leave, and it proving too difficult to reach Venice, he embarks on a ship to Constantinople. He describes the present state of affairs under the Grand Vizier, Koprulu Mehmed Pasha, who had come to power two years earlier: his work to restore the Ottoman name at home and abroad, recovering the islands of Tenedos and Lemnos, repelling an attack by the Venetian fleet, suppressing a revolt in Moldavia and Wallachia by removing their princes, repressing the infighting threatening the prestige of the empire, most recently undertaking an expedition to Transylvania on the pretext that Prince Ragotzy, a Turkish subject, had invaded Poland hoping to take the kingdom for himself. Barrow predicts that Christendom will find in the Grand Vizier its worst enemy and describes his punishment of Parthenius, the Patriarch of the Greek Church, who was accused of intrigue with the Duke of Muscovy despite the commonly held view that the accusations were false, and who was hanged and left on display in his Pontifical robes as a deterrent to plotters. Barrow closes with a promise to return to Cambridge within the year.

Docketed by William Derham, "Paper. 1. Dr Barrows Lr the Fellows of Trin. Col. Cambridge from Constantinople. Caland August 1658. Publ. Lr 1. W.Ds.'

Barrow, Isaac (1630–1677), mathematician and theologian


Individual items and small collections acquired by the Library in the years 1978-1980.

Letter from R. Bentley to [John Evelyn]

Remembers his promise to Evelyn and Samuel Pepys to publish his sermons and will do so as soon as he is able.

Bentley, Richard (1662–1742), philologist and classical scholar


Individual items and small collections acquired by the Library in the years 1988-1990.

Three engravings, French copies of Loggan's views of Trinity College Cambridge

Views from James Beeverell's Les Delices de La Grande Bretagne & de L'Irlande, Vol. 1, Leide, 1707: Great Court, "Le College de la Trinité"; Nevile's Court, "Le Cour de Nevill, dans le College de la Trinité"; Bishop's Hostel, "L'Apartement de L'Eveque dans le College de la Trinité".

Beeverell, James (fl 1707) author

Notes on mathematics by a student at Trinity College Cambridge

Notes, possibly on mathematical lectures given by Nicholas Saunderson and possibly taken by Sheppard Frere, whose bookplate appears at the front of the volume. Includes sections on algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculations in astronomy and latitude and longitude, with references to Isaac Newton, Sherwin's Tables, and Brigg's System of Logarithms. With eight pages of notes at the back in a different hand with drawings and calculations relating to Land service mortars in Laughlinstown Camp, 30 June [17]97. Accompanied by a poem laid in loose written by J.D., identified as Dr Drury, on the death of a favourite pupil, name unknown.

Frere, Sheppard (1712-1780) student of Nicholas Saunderson

Diary of Thomas Hebbes

Includes diary entries and accounts from February 1755 to February 1756 in a diary intended for use in 1753. Much that is covered relates to Hebbes' final year as an undergraduate.

Hebbes, Thomas (d. 1766) clergyman

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