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Laithwaite, Sir John Gilbert (1894–1986), knight, civil servant and diplomatist Imagen Con objetos digitales
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Letter from Sir Gilbert Laithwaite to Lord Pethick-Lawrence

Commonwealth Relations Office.—Pethick-Lawrence’s letter to Turnbull (see 2/279–80) has been passed on to him. Explains how changes proposed in the new Pensions (Increase) Bill will affect the pensions of persons formerly employed in India, Pakistan, and Burma.

Letter from — to Lord Pethick-Lawrence

Commonwealth Relations Office.—Refers to Sir Gilbert Laithwaite’s promise to advise Pethick-Lawrence about subscribing to a memorial to Master Tara Singh, and passes on the advice received from MacDonald, the High Commissioner in India.

(Signed ‘for Private Secretary [i.e. E. V. Vines]’. The signature is indistinct.)

Letter from Frank Turnbull to Lord Pethick-Lawrence

Treasury Chambers.—Has been at the Treasury for some time (having moved from the Commonwealth Relations Office), and will therefore forward Pethick-Lawrence’s letter to Sir Gilbert Laithwaite. His eldest son is in hospital.