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Bohr, Niels Henrik David (1885-1962) physicist File
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Correspondence with publishers and editors: Cambridge University Press

Cambridge University Press 1953-74

Correspondence on various projects and proposed books.

Includes agreement for collaborative book on 'Fission', 1953. See C.68, 'Atoms - Manual'.

Correspondence re proposed book on 'Subatomic Particles' or 'Elementary Particles', eventually dropped at Frisch's request 1960-64. See C.69, 'Subatomic Particles'.

Correspondence re Niels Bohr's Atomic Theory and the Description of Nature, and including Frisch's introduction for reissued version, 1960.

Correspondence re translation of Schrödinger's Meine Weltansicht, and including a 'trial translation' by Frisch, 1961-64.

Agreement for proposed book on 'Quantum Theory and Beyond' to be written by Frisch, 1970.

Other miscellaneous correspondence, last date 1974

Lise Meitner poems

Includes two early notebooks of poems, humorous poems for celebrations in Bohr's laboratory, etc. (in various hands).

Bohr, Niels and Margrethe

Bohr, N. and Bohr, M.

Scientific and personal correspondence from Niels and Margarethe Bohr.

Includes 1 p. 'N. Bohr's 1930 lectures on quantum mechanics (From notes by E. Krüger and T. Bjerge)'.

Lise Meitner correspondence with O. R. Frisch

These are personal and scientific letters and cards. A few of Frisch's replies are included; others, for the 1930s, appear in Series B.

Includes further correspondence re possibility of Lise Meitner coming to Britain, and also re text of forthcoming publication and alterations proposed by Bohr (see also B.97).

Lise Meitner correspondence with O. R. Frisch

These are personal and scientific letters and cards. A few of Frisch's replies are included.

Lise Meitner's letter of 23 May gives an account of the German invasion of Denmark and its impact on Niels Bohr's laboratory where she was visiting at the time.

Letters from Niels Bohr to Frisch

Four letters from N Bohr to Frisch, Princeton, 20 and 24 January and 9 February 1939 (in Danish) and 3 February 1939 (in English).
The letter of 9 February has a half-page note (in German) by L. Rosenfeld.

What little I remember

Material relating to Frisch's memoirs, published under this title by Cambridge University Press, 1979.
A.3: Frisch's own notes.
A.4: Photocopy draft of chapter on Niels Bohr, with correspondence and comments from A. and E. Bohr, 1975-78.
A.5: Comments and information from others; includes letter from Frisch's landlady in Liverpool (1941-43). Review of book.
A.6: Brief correspondence re book with Faber and Faber, New York Times.
A.7: Copy of published book (given by Mrs. Frisch).

Television Companies (UK): British Broadcasting Corporation

D.46: 1960. Correspondence, proposals, etc. for a projected programme 'Science International'. Frisch was asked to serve as 'Visual Technical Adviser' and submitted a draft script on elementary particles. Plans for the programme were later cancelled.
D.47: 1961-62
D.48: 1964-79. 1964 includes contribution to film biography of Einstein. 1973 programme on Bohr 'The Steadfast Tin Soldier'. 1979 Open University programme on 'Science and Belief'
D.49: n.d. Miscellaneous shorter correspondence.

Correspondence '1939 to England'

Correspondence re arrangements to come to Britain, visits to London, Cambridge, Birmingham, etc., offers of posts.
Correspondents include Blackett, Bragg, Cockcroft, Oliphant, and also Frisch's farewell exchange with Bohr, his CV, list of publications, etc.
There are typed duplicates of some of the letters at the back of the folder.
During the correspondence, Frisch refers to his friend F. Urbach and offers to cede his place to Urbach if only one was available.

Papers re departure from Copenhagen

Miscellaneous material re departure from Copenhagen and journey to Britain, shipping of personal effects, etc. Includes Christmas greetings signed by Bohr family, Lise Meitner and other members of Copenhagen Institute.

Typescript headed 'Frisch'

17 pp typescript in Danish, Frisch's reminiscences prepared for commemoration meeting for Niels Bohr, Copenhagen, 8-13 July 1963:
Letter from S. Rozental, editor of the Bohr commemorative volume, 19 March 1964. In Danish.

Obituaries and biographical writings: N. Bohr

C.77: Miscellaneous obituary notices and tributes by Frisch, for The Times (1961, includes copy of previous Times stock obituary 1937), broadcast (December 1962), article or talk (1967).
C.78: Miscellaneous printed matter, press-cuttings and articles by or about Bohr, assembled by Frisch.

Correspondence: Bohr, N.

Includes correspondence re changes proposed by Bohr to paper by Frisch and Lise Meitner

A letter from Mrs. Bohr is also included here.