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Frazer, Lilly (? 1855-1941), writer and translator, wife of Sir James George Frazer
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A letter and a card from George Gordon to Lady Frazer

10 Chadlington Rd., Oxford and Magdalen College, Oxford - In the letter of 22 July 1927, he thanks her for her letter, and for the promise of a manuscript for the Bodleian Library; in the second letter dated 27 Jan. 1930 he thanks her for the gift of the manuscript to the Bodleian.

Album of cuttings

Album containing 119 cuttings of newspaper and magazine articles mentioning Sir James and Lilly Frazer, including reviews of 'Aftermath', 'Creation and Evolution of Primitive Cosmogonies', 'Essais et souvenirs', 'Totemica', 'Greece and Rome: a Selection from the Works of Sir James George Frazer', 'Pasha the Pom', 'A Bibliography of Sir James Frazer', and 'The Fear of the Dead in Primitive Religion', including reviews by Raymond Firth of 'Totemica' for both 'The Spectator', Nov. 1937 (page 19) and for 'Life and Letters To-Day', Winter 1937 (page 27); and by Ruth Benedict of 'The Fear of the Dead in Primitive Religion' Vol. III in 'The New York Herald Tribune' of Sept. 1936 (page 52). A photograph of James and Lilly from the 'Weekly Illustrated London' of 2 Jan. 1937 appears on page 6.

Album, 'Press Cuttings, 1937'

82 cuttings of newspaper articles mentioning Frazer, including reviews of 'Totemica', 'Greece and Rome', and 'Pasha the Pom'. Reviews of 'Aftermath' include one by A. L. Morton in 'Criterion' of April 1937. Two photos of James and Lilly appear (items 18 and 51), dated January and October 1937.

Card from Anna Söderblom to Lady Frazer

Uppsala [on mourning stationery] - Encloses a typed letter (unsigned) from her husband [Lars Olof Jonathon Söderblom] written just before his last illness, dated 8 July, thanking the Frazers for their care of Dr Lindroth, remembers their care in Cambridge when he suffered an attack of gallstones at their house; admires the work Frazer has done, and remembers finding Sir James at breakfast with his Hebrew Old Testment open before him. Accompanied by two typed copies.

Card from D. Schlumberger to Lady Frazer

11, Rue de la Montagne, Mulhouse - Regrets that he had to leave London; thanks them for their kind welcome and for the books she gave him; read 'Too much money' on the voyage and started 'The Young Enchanted' by Horace Walpole; when he is finished[?] will give them to [Pierre] Sayn.

Card from M. Gorce to Lady Frazer

222, Rue du Fauboug St Honoré (VIIIe), Paris - Has been looking unsuccessfully for a valet to attend Sir James on his trip, will ask his sisters and mother; admires 'La Bible' de S. J.; would very much like to take up their invitation to visit, but is very busy with lessons, preaching, and books.

Card from M. L. Gauran to Lady Frazer

Les Dernières Nouvelles de Strasbourg - Congratulates Frazer on the Légion d'honneur; thinks they have received the review of 'Le bouc émissaire'; will put a note in the next issue announcing the new honour.

Card from Mrs Roth to Lady Frazer

33 rue de Tocqueville, Paris, 17eme - Writes herself to wish them a happy Christmas and New Year and admires the photo of Frazer in the latest volume; has learned to type and has typed many speeches her husband has made to the [E.S.F.?], most recently on the Folk-lore in Ireland.

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