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Papers of Sir James Frazer Frazer, Lilly (? 1855-1941), writer and translator, wife of Sir James George Frazer
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Letter from Arthur Bernard Cook to J. G. Frazer

19 Cranmer Road, Cambridge - Thanks him for the book [S. G. Owen's 'Greece and Rome: a selection from the works of Sir James George Frazer'?], thanks Lady Frazer for her kind words on the fly-leaf. Has finished writing Zeus volume 3, will now start on the index.

Letter from William Crooke to Mrs Frazer

Langton House, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham - Encloses 11 pp. of notes on Indian dance he had promised to send. Says modern dance is confined to the 'Jungle tribes', and lists two varieties: in one, lines of women advance and retreat, and in the second, the dance is circular.

Letter from J. G Frazer to William James Lewis

Trinity College - Acknowledges congratulations from Lewis. Refers to the role their mutual friend Mrs Browne had in hiring his wife Lilly Frazer to teach at the Girls’ High School in Liverpool, with the story of her first day there.

Letter from J. G. Frazer to William James Lewis

Hotel Lutetia, Paris – Lilly is working on the French translation of the abridged 'Golden Bough'; J. G. is preparing a translation of Ovid’s Fasti for the Loeb Library; they have decided to build a house in Cambridge; mentions hearing from Haddon who finds term work burdensome.

Letter from Lilly Frazer to William James Lewis

Hotel Kronenhof & Bellavista, Pontresina - Description of holiday with J. G. in Switzerland, expresses regret at leaving Liverpool and opinion that Cambridge does not value J. G. sufficiently. Mentions J. G.'s plans to edit 'The Golden Bough' in the next year.

Letter from Lilly Frazer to William James Lewis

Royal Pavilion Hotel, Folkestone – Would like to see [Francis Macdonald] Cornford for herself before a discussion with J. G. [about the proposed Frazer Fund]; her ill health and J. G.'s desire to return to Cambridge, where they were refused rooms by the Council, her sense that Cambridge does not appreciate J. G., her ideas as to possible positions for J. G., asks that Lewis advise, and not quote her to J. G.

Letter from Lilly Frazer to William James Lewis

First Avenue Hotel, London - J. G. and Lilly have both been ill; she has been busy translating four books, including 'The Twig,' her term for the abridged 'Golden Bough'; is pleased with the success of the English 'Twig,' for which she claims some credit.

Letter from Lilly Frazer to William James Lewis

Queen Anne’s Mansions, St. James Park, London – An account of a tea party at which [George Henry Lane Fox] Pitt-Rivers was present, and a party at which the French Ambassador Aimé Joseph de Fleuriau presented the Légion d'honneur to Dudley Buxton for his discovery of a missing cache of Descartes’ letters. Discusses the phrase 'cent sous' in response to Lewis’ query; mentions undertaking a translation of 'Christianisme et la Révolution française' by Aulard, and writing two articles.

Typed copy of a letter from Lilly Frazer to J. L. Myres

Trinity College, Cambridge - Makes arrangements for J. G. Frazer's attendance at a ceremony commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the British School of Archaeology at Athens at the Royal Academy of Arts, explaining his infirmities and needs, describing their present situation at the French Institute in London.

Letter from Victor Bernard to J. G. Frazer

Dobbs Ferry - In response to a letter, praises Mrs Frazer's books for French students, and offers to speak to Miss Masters at The Masters School about them, and when the Frazers are in New York, to suggest a publishing house.

Letter from John S. Black to J. G. Frazer

Soho Square, London - Has met Mrs Grove to discuss her proposed new work on dancing, says that a history could be as good as a dictionary, asks Frazer if he will read the proofs, especially the classical chapters and those relating to 'savage life'.

Letter from R. Dussaud to Lady Frazer

3 Rue du Boccador (VIIIe) - Thanks her for telling him about Frazer's award and congratulates them; suggests that giving Reinach a copy of F.L.A.T. ['Folklore dans l'Ancien Testament'] will be more official and will result in a mention in the report of the Académie [des Inscriptions].

Letter from Mary Gardner to Lady Frazer

18 Well Walk, Hampstead, N.W.3. - Congratulates the Frazers; was sorry to miss them when they were in London, they were away for Christmas, the family all in different places; will be freer after her son sits his examinations, teachers say he is gifted, particularly in composition.

Letter from [M. L. Gauran?] to Lady Frazer

Strasbourg - Wishes them a happy new year, agrees that Christmas and New Year's Day are sad without children around, notes that Lilly's children are far away; she has a very bright nephew who should have his qualities developed, but fears that will not happen, she meets him rarely; congratulates them on the honour; received a copy of 'Folklore dans l'Ancien Testament'; 'The Golden Bough' gave her much pleasure; thanks them also for the cutting of a review; she will ask M. Dupuy to speak about the folklore book next the next time it is possible; her mother joins her in salutations to them.

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