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Frazer, Lilly (? 1855-1941), writer and translator, wife of Sir James George Frazer
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Letter from Jacques Lion to Lady Frazer

9 rue Verniquet, Paris - Sends her brochures in which he has indicated Sir James' support; if Professor Mazon sends him the volumes, he hopes to send them the Bourdelle portraits; Docteur Couchoud has returned full of interest in Palestine.

Press Cuttings: Cartoons, Review of the Year 1939

3 cartoons, including one of Lloyd George from 'Punch' April 6 1932 (Item 98), and two of Adolf Hitler (Items 100 and 101); and one article about the revival of reading during World War II (Item 102). Also, 'Review of the Year 1939' in 'The Times' dated 1 January 1940 (Item 99).

Letter from Eleanor Hull to Lady Frazer

13 Marine Terrace, Penzance, Cornwall - Hope they are not suffering from the horrible fogs of London, has escaped to Cornwall, which she finds an interesting county; seldom gets into town but follows with interest what is going on.

Letter from Florence Image to Lady Frazer

22 Primrose Hill Rd., London, N.W.3. - Is pleased to hear good news about Frazer's eyes and grieved to hear of the many operations; her husband [John Maxwell Image] says Lady Frazer makes the only good drumsticks he's ever been served, also commenting, 'I shall be glad when women get the vote, for then I shall sometimes get the wing of a chicken'; she has an article in 'Punch' called 'Burr-Burr', about telephoning from the Zoo.

Letter from A. Philibert to Sir James Frazer

3 Essex Grove, Upper Norwood, S.E.19., 1er Janvier 1925, 3 heures du matin - Sends birthday wishes and congratulates Frazer on the news which he read in proofs the night before; congratulates Lady Frazer as well, as having been indispensable to him.

Verses by Sir James George Frazer

Five original poems by Frazer and two translations of poems by Heine. There are three copies of "Dreams": a manuscript in Lady Frazer's hand, a fair copy, and a typescript copy. There is a fair copy, corrected of "And the reapers bind their sheaves", a fair copy, corrected, and typescript of "Whispers of the Nile"; a typescript, corrected with the date of 11 June 1921 of "To My Wife"; a typescript with date 1936 of "The Keys of Janus' Temple", accompanied by an envelope; and fair copies, corrected, and typescript of a translation of two poems from Heine, "Du bist wie eine Blume" and "Wo?"

Two letters from 'Jack' [François Ceccaldi] to 'Flaminica' [Lady Frazer]

54 Cours Napoléon, Ajaccio (Corse) - He writes that he has been at the Archives where he was working on a parochial register 1771-1773 which has tired his eyes; is not suprised by what she says of Condorcet, he is less interested in people than spirits; he will reread it carefully as it is necessary to find the right audience; is pleased to hear that the incident between [R. R.] Marett and [Elliott] Smith has had a happy ending; he wonders why she stays at Trinity so little; he will go to the Folklore conference with them, and to the Madame Renan fête; he does not know the 'Voyages' of Renan, wonders how that is.

Letter from A. E. Housman to Lady Frazer

Trinity College, Cambridge - He wishes the news about Sir James was better; the recent sales numbers 'must have something like the effect of a mattress to lie on, keeping one from contact with the cold hard ground'; will not translate Renan, doesn't think he could do it well enough; is not very strong, his life should have ended two years before; recently travelled to Savoy and Dauphiné; suspects her of staying at Buckingham Palace; the Sedgwick elm in the roundabout was blown down in a storm.

Letter from L. Landry to Lady Frazer

4 Avenue du Square, Villa Montmorency (XVIe) [on mourning paper] - Her husband Adolphe is pleased to subscribe to the bibliography, but he has not been a member [of the French parliament?] for some time and cannot command the librarian; looks forward to seeing her at her hotel.

Letter from Albert Houtin to Lady Frazer

Musée Pédagogique, Paris - Thanks her for sending him the letter of Sir James ["Our Debt to France"?], agrees that they are now seeing the consequences of mistakes after the war; has been told by M. de [Galligny?] about the idea of the Société des Amis [de Frazer], but the project is going slowly, he's received nothing from Sayn and has not been visited by Raphael Brudo; he has to undergo an operation in a few months; Mme Loyson's lawyer is Edmond Bloch.

Letter from A. E. Housman to Lady Frazer

[as from Trinity College, Cambridge] - Thanks her for her letter, wishes the news of Sir James was better; can not nor wishes to stop American anthologies from including poems from 'A Shropshire Lad' but will stop reprints in Europe; is glad to hear there is a Festschrift on the way.

On the verso of the last page, 'Mrs Jacques Huber, 12 Carmen Str.' is written in Lady Frazer's hand.

Three letters from 'Jack' [François Ceccaldi] to 'Flaminica' [Lady Frazer]

54 Cours Napoléon, Ajaccio (Corse) [and letter of 16 Jan.:] Hotel Bedford, 17 Rue de L'Arcade, Madeleine, Paris - Letters written 2, 7, and 16 Jan. He writes that he is sorry to hear she is not happy, and that the hotel is too loud; is concerned about Frazer's eyes and mode of working and need to rest his eyes; details his plans to travel to France; mentions having normal vision but that after three hours of writing he tires; Has put the print of the Trinity gate up in a corner full of her souvenirs; is sorry to hear they have left the Goldsmith [building]; is happy to hear of a conference in Sir James' honour.

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