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Hardy, Florence Emily (1879-1937) children's writer
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Letter from Edward Clodd to J. G. Frazer

Aldeburgh - Thanks him for 'Selected Passages from his Works'; reminisces about Frazer meeting [Sir Alfred] Lyall, Ray Lankester, [Sir Frederick] Pollock and [James Allanson] Picton in 1905 when they rowed to Oxford; and a visit the Frazers paid in 1910 in company with [Thomas] Hardy 'and his present wife' [Florence], [John Bagnell] Bury, and Sutherland Black, and when he was summoned to town on Holman Hunt's death; the 'Literary Review' has a review of Paul Couchoud's book ['L'Énigme de Jésus'?] by Thomas Whittaker; quotes the Einstein limerick starting, 'There was a young lady named Bright'.

Letter from E. M. Forster to Elizabeth Trevelyan

West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. - Will not be able to come to lunch due to work on the house; hopes she had a good weekend at Littlehampton. Has sent off the index [to his biography of Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson] and just has the revised proofs to correct. Mrs Hardy has suggested that he edit her husband's letters to Mrs [Florence] Henniker; would have liked the job but feels he has done 'enough memorialising for the present' and will only do it if the pay is good. Terence Millin is the surgeon who uses diathermy; if Bessie sees her friend she could ask about him. Ackerley heard about him from his GP, Wadd of Richmond; Forster is sceptical; thanks Bessie for sympathy and support. Hopes to go to some of the Busch concerts.

Reviews of R. C. Trevelyan's translation "The Oresteia of Aeschylus" and associated material

3 press clippings, Jan-Apr 1921: piece on Aeschylus' "Oresteia", put on as the Cambridge Greek Play, by its director J. T. Sheppard from the "Cambridge Review"; brief note from the "Holborn Review" of the text of the trilogy, as presented at Cambridge, with facing English translation by Trevelyan; 'Editorial Notes' from the "Holborn Review" comparing lines from Trevelyan's translation with that of Gilbert Murray.

24 press clippings (plus a few duplicates) , mostly reviews of Trevelyan's full translation of the "Oresteia", Jan 1923-Nov/Dec 1923, from: the "Scotsman"; the "Daily Herald" (two copies); the "Aberdeen Journal"; the "Guardian" (two copies); the "Times" (also reviewing a Loeb Library translation of the "Suppliant Maidens" etc by H. Weir Smyth and a verse translation of Aeschylus by G. M. Cookson), with a following letter by J. T. Sheppard correcting some points about the performances by Cambridge University students; the ""Sheffield Daily Telegraph"; the "Saturday Review"; the "Daily News"; the "Manchester Guardian"; the "New Statesman" (two copies; by 'J.T.S' - J. T. Sheppard - which also reviews G. M. Cookson's "Four Plays of Aeschylus"); the "Saturday Review" (selection of Trevelyan's translation as a prize in a chess competition); the "Highway" (two copies); the "Hallam Review" (also reviewing "Translation and Translations" by J. P. Postgate); the "Yorkshire Post"; the "Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury"; the "Educational Times"; the "Glasgow Herald"; the "Isis" (a review of Gilbert Murray's translation of the "Choephoroe", comparing it favourably with Trevelyan's); piece by Gilbert Murray from the "Nation & Athenaeum", "Thoughts on Verse Translation from the Greek", which mentions Trevelyan's work; the "Observer (also reviewing Murray's "Chorephoroe"); the "Classical Review" (two copies: with other classical translations); the "London Mercury". Also from this span of dates is a piece from the "Daily News", 30 Jan 1923, regarding an argument between Lascelles Abercrombie and Sir Charles Walston on whether Darwin's "Origin of Species" can be considered a work of art.

6 press clippings, June-July, relating to the performance on tour of the "Oresteia" in Trevelyan's translation by the Balliol Players. Most report a special performance given at Thomas Hardy's house, Max Gate in Dorchester, to Hardy and his wife, Granville Barker and his wife, and Sidney Cockerell. From: the "Times"; the "Daily News"; the "Daily Mail"; the "Daily Chronicle"; the "Westminster Gazette".

Press clipping, 21 Jan 1926, from the "Oxford Magazine", reviewing E. S. Hoernle's "Choric Songs from Aeschylus"; Hoernle criticises Trevelyan's translation in the introduction.

21 printed order forms by the University Press of Liverpool for Trevelyan's translation of the "Oresteia".

Most press cuttings sent to Trevelyan by Durrant's Press Cuttings.