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Children, John George (1777–1852) chemist
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William Whewell letters and printed material received

A collection of some of the printed material and letters received by Whewell between 1819 to 1833, of which the materials relating to the Cambridge elections of 1829 and 1830 form a part.

Whewell, William (1794-1866), college head and writer on the history and philosophy of science

Letter from John George Children

British Museum - JC has been commanded by the President of the Royal Society to inquire as to the progress of WW's Bridgewater Treatise.

Letter from John William Lubbock

St James's Place - JWL has received a letter from Mr. Children [John G. Children?] desiring a report from the President 'upon some schemes by the well known Mr Herapath' [William Herapath?]: JWL thinks the report should be short and drawn up by WW and George Peacock. He thinks it 'would be desirable that Cavendish's experiment should be repeated, but we never could entrust such a thing to the person in question'. What seems to support the idea that gravity is not the same for all substances 'is that the inequalities of Saturn appear to require a mass of Jupiter different from that which is given by the inequalities of the little planets. There can I apprehend be no doubt that corpuscular is not a modification of the Newtonian attraction'.