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Lubbock, Sir John William (1803-1865) 3rd Baronet, astronomer and banker
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William Whewell letters and printed material received

A collection of some of the printed material and letters received by Whewell between 1819 to 1833, of which the materials relating to the Cambridge elections of 1829 and 1830 form a part.

Whewell, William (1794-1866), college head and writer on the history and philosophy of science

Letter from John William Lubbock

Thanks WW for the papers: 'I am thankful we are not as those Germans'. He invites both William and Cordelia Whewell to come and stay with them in the country.

William Whewell to Richard Jones

Trinity College - WW has been to London and has heard that the business of RJ's possible Professorship at King's College has not yet been settled. He met the Bishop of London: 'I asked him if the office was filled. He told me there was a difference of opinion whether it should be continued but that he wished it to go on, because you were to be Professor. I thought him extremely sensible and was very glad to find he had got such a notion'. WW would like to meet RJ to discuss his book ['Astronomy and General Physics Considered with Reference to Natural Theology', 1833]: 'I am coming now to the speculations about the effect of the study of science upon the mind'. There is going to be an election for the University: 'you will hear that Peel [Robert Peel] has retired - I think this must puzzle the Tories hugely for they had got up a strong declaration here in favour of the sitting members and will now have to look out for a new man'. WW will vote for Lubbock [John W. Lubbock] 'as my particular friend and as the mathematician of London. But I meddle not with Whig or Tory'.

William Whewell to Richard Jones

Trinity College - The University election takes place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. RJ should come and stay as long as he wants. WW will be voting for John W. Lubbock: 'I suppose he has no chance this time'. WW hardly knows 'whether to wish the University success, for with such idiots as Lord John Russell and others among them they are not to be depended on for a week together. If they would make themselves the conservative party indeed it would be another affair?'.

Letter from George Airy

Royal Observatory Greenwich - GA has just returned from observing lighthouses in France. He cannot tell WW everything about the Board of Visitors meeting since both GA and Adams [John C. Adams] were not informed that the meeting was to be an hour early: 'So I found Lubbock [John W. Lubbock] in full speech, very absurdly as I thought, in the same strain as his printed papers. I endeavoured to explain in reply that there was no notion of preferring numerical to algebraical expressions &c'. A vote was taken before GA left early for his train to Dover. Sir James South was there protesting against any recommendation of grant to any body for any thing. Hansen [Peter Andreas Hansen] has theoretically investigated the variation and evection, and concluded that these rays do not agree perfectly with those observed because of the figure of the moon - 'this is the whole that Lubbock means by empirical'.

Letter from George Airy

Observatory - Gives a note on perturbations intended for John W. Lubbock: 'If perturbations are applied to x y & z, there is no practicability of dividing the time of an apposition into different parts, as the calculation does not give the means of correcting the elements for the beginning of each part. Consequently the series used must be such as will apply from the beginning of an apposition to the end. It seems to me very probable that 5th or higher powers may be wanted'.

Letter from Charles Babbage to John Lubbock

He congratulates him on his commercial tables: 'I admire your tables and have made use of one the 3 per cent. - It is exceedingly desirable to have the Constants of Commerce and Manufactures and when I have printed my volume I will try to make the manufacturers who are most interested collect more of them'.

Letter from J. Backhouse to John Lubbock

Foreign Office - JB has enclosed a letter [no longer attached] from a 'Mr. Morin who is described to me as being engaged in making astronomical experiments, in Paris; from whence it has been sent to me together with many others of the like import for the "Directeurs des Observatories" at Gibraltar the Cape of Good Hope & Port Jackson'. JB does not know who the astronomer is that the letter is addressed to - does JL?

Tide tables and notes

With tide tables from all over the world created by many people, including Captain Sir E. Belcher, John Burdwood (item 23/92), Capt. Henry Smith, Capt. Blackwood, Capt. Stokes, E. K. Calver, Henry Bayfield, Capt. Richard Spencer, and John Garniss. Includes a printed lecture, "XXIV. Note on the Tides in the Port of London. By J. W. Lubbock, Esq." read 25 June, 1832. Accompanied by some notes and tide tables in Whewell's hand.

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