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Manuscripts in Wren Class R Bunt, Thomas Gamlen (1794-1872) surveyor
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Letter from Thomas Gamlen Bunt

Bunt examined the Register of the Tide machine along the Avon and at Cumberland Basin. The latter is 'sufficiently correct' to deduce the empirical laws of the tides at the port of Bristol to WW's specifications. Bunt hopes 'to calculate and publish a Tide-Table for the ensuing year'. He gives a description of how he constructed diagrams of the moon's transit and parallax which he uses to produce tables for declination and parallax to help predict times of high water. He has not yet taken into account solar declination and parallax.

Letters from Thomas Gamlen Bunt

Letter of 22 Nov. 1837 encloses a letter from James Green dated 14 Nov. 1837 (item 109). Letter of February 1839 includes the visiting card of Baron de Sternberg (item 127). Letter of 17 Aug. 1841 encloses a chart (item 144).