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Papers of Harold Davenport Hardy, Godfrey Harold (1877-1947) mathematician
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Hardy, G. H.

Hardy's communications are letters and cards in his distinctive spiky handwriting, often with parentheses and balloons of afterthoughts, some in pencil and few dated other than by postmark.
G.109: 1938, 1939
G.110: 1940. Appeal on behalf of H. Heilbronn.
G.111: 1941, nd. Undated letter (perhaps 1942) refers to 'an undergraduate here called Dyson who is very promising' [F. J. Dyson].
G.112: 1944, May-Dec. and nd. Mainly on revisions of `Hardy-Wright' but including a little general mathematical information.
G.113: 1944. Davenport's letter and revision of Chapter 24, October, and miscellaneous comments on other parts of book.
G.114: 1945, 1946, 1947.

Hasse, H.

Hasse's pre-war letters are all in very fluent English, with some personal and general as well as mathematical news. His letters in German use the 'du' form right to the end.
G.116: 1932, Nov., Dec.
G.117: 1933, Jan.-June. Letter of 20 January has a ms. note by G.H. Hardy.
G.118: 1933, July-Dec. Hasse's letters of 20 and 24 October and 11 November include news of German mathematicians in Germany and abroad.
G.119: 1934. Includes material re Hasse's and Davenport's joint paper (Bibliog. 8), and Hasse's appointment at Göttingen.
G.120: 1935
G.121: 1936, 1938, 1939
G.122: 1946, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1963, 1967. (1967 death of Hasse's wife).

Heilbronn, H. A. and others

G.123: 1934. Includes a letter from L. J. Mordell; 1935 (card only, 're Heilbronn's acceptance of Bevan Fellowship at Trinity).
G.124: 1939. Two letters only.
G.125: 1940. Includes correspondence re internment, Heilbronn's family affairs, release and service in army.
G.126: 1946. Includes undated letter from G.H. Hardy re help for Heilbronn's parents, tentatively dated 1943 by Mrs. Davenport.
G.127: 1947. Research, publications (Bibliog. 54).
G.128: 1948
G.129: 1949
G.130: 1950
G.131: 1951-54. Includes various notes and drafts and a 'Rough draft' for a paper 'On cubic fields' by Davenport.
G.132: 1955-58. Research, publications, appointments.
G.133: 1959. Heilbronn's letter to A.U.T., December 1959, headed 'University expansion. Quantity or quality'.
G.134: 1960. Includes draft letter and memorandum to Chairman, U.G.C. (Sir Keith, later Lord, Murray) and draft questionnaire.
G.135: 1960. Material re 'Questionnaire on recruitment of university teachers in mathematics' circulated April 1960 by Heilbronn and Davenport.
G.136: May 1960. Replies and information from colleagues in Cambridge, sent to Davenport in answer to questionnaire.
G.137: May 1960. Tables of results and information, and continuing correspondence, including a little on affairs of L.M.S.
G.138: 1960, June-July. Mainly re 'Second Memorandum' on university expansion, to be sent to U.G.C.
G.139: 1960, June-July. Correspondence re proposed conference on shortage of teachers of mathematics. Davenport was asked to chair the conference but declined because of his views on university expansion. (Correspondence kept with the Heilbronn material.)
G.140:1960. Miscellaneous notes and drafts for 'Second Memorandum', 'Notes on the questionnaire', etc.
G.141: 1962–63
G.142: 1964, 1965, 1967. Brief correspondence only.

'G.H. Hardy'

G.133: 4pp. untitled ms. draft of a lecture, delivered in 1948. 7pp. ms. draft and notes for a talk to an unnamed society re Hardy's Collected Papers, n.d. 11pp. ms. draft and notes, partially paginated, for a talk to an unnamed undergraduate society re Hardy's career and publications, n.d.
G.134: Reprint of E.C. Titchmarsh's L.M.S. memoir of G.H. Hardy, with 1p. ms. notes by Davenport. 3pp. photocopy of Hardy's 1914 paper on Riemann functions.

Mordell, L. J.

The later correspondence (from about 1944, when Christian names began to be used) provides interesting general information on the mathematical scene as well as continuing exchanges on research problems and papers. There are also occasional contributions from Mabel Mordell.

G.208: 1927-29. 1927 (re award of Derby Scholarship to assist Davenport at Trinity), 1929 (suggestions for reading and research; Mordell sent his draft papers to the young Davenport for comment).
G.209: 1930. Letter of 27 November suggests Davenport should take up the 'splendid opportunity' to go to Marburg to work with and teach English to Hasse.
G.210: 1931. Research and publications, mainly on congruences.
G.211: 1932-33
G.212: 1934-35
G.213: 1936, 1938, 1939
G.214 :1942, 1943, 1944
G.215: 1945-46
G.216: 1947-48. 1947 includes comments on Bibliog. 56
G.217: 1949 (not all dated). Some refer to death and obituaries of G.H. Hardy.
G.218: 1950
G.219: 1951
G.220: 1952
G.221: 1953
G.222: 1954
G.223: 1955
G.224: 1956
G.225: 1957
G.226: 1958
G.227: 1959
G.228: 1960-61. 1961 includes draft paper by Mordell 'On a Pellian Equation Conjecture', and a 2pp. untitled ms. note by Davenport.
G.229: 1962
G.230: 1963-64. Includes draft paper by Mordell
G.231: 1965
G.232: 1967-68

Pólya, G and Pólya, S.

G.248: 1947-48
G.249: 1949. Includes letter (7 May) from A.E. Ingham re G.H. Hardy.
G.250: 1950-51. Includes (November 1950) reference to Davenport's decision not to accept permanent post at Stanford.
G.251: Various dates, shorter exchanges.

Chowla, S.

The surviving correspondence is sporadic and does not include any of Davenport's replies.

G.64: 1933-34, nd. Includes testimonials for Chowla from J. E. Littlewood and G. H. Hardy. Letter of 16 February 1933 has a ms. note 'Chowla to Walfisz' (see G.335). Some of the undated material may be from Chowla's earlier period at Cambridge.
G.65: 1947-49. The surviving correspondence is sporadic and does not include any of Davenport's replies.
G.66: 1958–60. The surviving correspondence is sporadic and does not include any of Davenport's replies. Mainly re collaborative paper (Bibliog. 124), 1962, 1963.