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Meitner, Lise (1878-1968) physicist File
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Correspondence with publishers and editors:New Scientist

Correspondence on articles and reviews by Frisch (many not documented elsewhere in the collection).
C.118: 1957–60
C.119: 1970–75. Includes a short article 'One Christmas I shall never forget' [1938] 1973, notes for article on High Energy Physics 1974, correspondence arising from Frisch's article 'Shooting sparrows in the dark' 1975 and a biographical 'profile' of Frisch 1975.
C.120: 1976–79. Includes correspondence re publication of Frisch's earlier lecture 'Who invented the electron?' (see C.43A) 1977, anniversary articles on Lise Meitner and on Einstein 1978. For book review by Frisch for New Scientist see C.76.

Sondheimer - Spencer-Palmer

Sondheimer, F. 1976

Sopka, K.R. 1977. Biographies of Lise Meitner.

Spencer-Palmer, H. 1979. Enclosing humorous account of wartime work at I.C.I.

Lise Meitner notes on geometry

Notes on geometry, some in shorthand, some dated 3.ix.99. Perhaps related to special coaching for entrance to Vienna University by Arthur Szarvasy (see Meitner's autobiographical talk 'Looking Back', Bulletin Atomic Scientists, 1964).

Lise Meitner miscellaneous papers

Miscellaneous items of biographical interest. Includes grant to Lise Meitner by Chemical Society (1913), assessment by Hahn of a patent claim (1913), ministerial congratulations on Lise Meitner's work (1915), copy of letter from Rutherford to Stefan Meyer (1915), etc.

Lise Meitner miscellaneous papers

Miscellaneous items 1920-28, including correspondence re residence permit of Elisabeth Schiemann, election as corresponding member, Academy of Sciences Göttingen, award of Ellen Richard Research Prize from U.S.A. (jointly with Ramart Lucas).

Lise Meitner: articles by O. R. Frisch

Two articles by Frisch on Lise Meitner, 'The work of Lise Meitner', 10 pp. typescript with a note 'Written for Max Born at his request; he said he was planning to propose Lise Meitner for the Nobel prize. I don't know if he did; and if so, whether he used this draft'.

'Nuclear Pioneer: Lise Meitner', 8 pp. typescript, 1978.

Lise Meitner poems

Includes two early notebooks of poems, humorous poems for celebrations in Bohr's laboratory, etc. (in various hands).

Boggild, J. K.

Boggild was a colleague of Frisch at the Niels Bohr Institute in the 1930s and remained there.

Includes card, October 1945, signed by Bohr and other colleagues, and letter March 1948 with message from Lise Meitner.

Lise Meitner poems

Humorous poem (perhaps not in her hand) on protactinium (refers to Hahn's and Meitner's work, see Frisch, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 16, 1970, p.407), 1919.

Humorous poem 1920, related to visit by Franck.

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