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Synge, Laurence Millington (1887-1962) stockbroker File
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Family: Letters from Katherine Charlotte and Laurence Millington Synge to their son Richard and his wife Ann

A/262: 1915-1918
A/263: 1921
A/264: 1922
A/265: Mar-Jun 1924
A/266: Jul-Dec 1924
A/267: Jan-Jun 1935
A/268: Sept-Oct 1925
A/269: Jan-Mar 1926
A/270: May-Jul 1926
A/271: Sept-Dec 1926
A/272: Feb-Mar 1927
A/273: Oct-Dec 1927
A/274: 1928
A/275: 1941-1945. Includes letters to Ann Synge.
A/276: 1948-1948. Includes letters to Ann Synge.
A/277: 1949. Includes letters to Ann Synge.
A/278: 1950-1952. Includes letters to Ann Synge.
A/279: 1953-1959, 1966. Includes letters to Ann Synge.

Family: Letters to Katherine Charlotte and Laurence Millington Synge from their son Richard and his wife Ann

From the start Richard Synge's letters to his parents were frequent, usually giving detailed reports of daily activities, both work and leisure.
A/280: 1925-1936
A/281: 1927-1929
A/282: 1930
A/283: 1931
A/284: Feb-Jul 1932
A/285: Sept-Dec 1932
A/286: Jan-Jul 1933
A/287: Aug-Dec 1933
A/288: Jan-May 1924
A/289: Jul-Nov 1934
A/290: Jan-Apr 1935
A/291: May-Dec 1935
A/292: 1936
A/293: 1937
A/294: 1938
A/295: 1939
A/296: Jan-Jun 1940
A/297: Jul-Dec 1940
A/298: Jan-Jun 1941. Includes letters from Ann Synge.
A/299: Jul-Dec 1941
A/300: 1942
A/301: 1943
A/302: 1944
A/303: 1945
A/304: 1946
A/305: 1947-1950
A/306: 1951-1953
A/307: 1954-1948
A/308: 1960-1961
A/309: 1962-1975
A/310: 1966-1969
A/311: 1970-1972

Family: Katharine Mary Synge, biographical material

Including telegram to Laurence Synge, 15 January 1916 re birth of Katharine, manuscript programmes for children's plays (featuring both Katharine and Anthea Synge), 1925 and 1926, results of music examinations 1926 and 1927, letter re music, 9 December 1931.

International Symposium on the Origins of the Earth, Moscow

The conference, held 19-24 August 1957, was organised by the biochemist Professor A.I. Oparin of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. His book, The Origin of Life on the Earth, was being translated into English by Ann Synge and much of the correspondence refers to this. Synge was accompanied by his family and they travelled to Moscow overland.

G/37-38: Correspondence re symposium arrangements, translation of The Origin of Life on the Earth, publication of Synge's contribution (1956-1959).
G/39 Provisional programme; programme; lists of participants; etc.
G/40: Manuscript and typescript drafts of Synge's lecture; typescript abstract.
G/41: Printed 'Rough correction copy' and copy 'As corrected' of Synge's contribution for publication, both with manuscript corrections.
G/42: Letters home from Synge to his parents, August-September 1957. The letters are principally domestic, recounting travel experiences etc.
G/43: 'A 20th-Century Look at Life', Sunday Times, 25 August 1957, annotated 'Based on report telephoned by RLMS'; manuscript drafts of report by Synge on the Symposium; questionnaire given to Synge 'For Saturday afternoon Moscow News' (not filled out)
G/44: Duplicated typescript papers by others.
G/45: Correspondence re arrangements for visit to Poland; miscellaneous notes.

Visit to New Zealand: 'New Zealand 1958-9 [...]', Synge's letters home to his parents

Contents of Synge's folder so inscribed divided into four for ease of reference.

The letters are very full and include accounts of travel, people met, observations on life in New Zealand etc. The folder is also inscribed with an itinerary and has been retained (with G/57).

G/57: 1958
G/58: Jan-Apr 1959
G/59: May-Sept 1959
G/60: Oct-Dec 1959