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Pethick-Lawrence Papers Keynes, Lydia Vasilievna (1892–1981), ballet dancer, wife of the 1st Baron Keynes Imagen Con objetos digitales
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Letter from Lydia Keynes to F. W. Pethick-Lawrence

46 Gordon Square, Bloomsbury.—Is unable to come to he House of Commons (see 2/262), as she and her husband are going to Berlin. Is amused by his reference to the Hammersmith ballet (the ballet by Ashley Dukes in the revue Riverside Nights?) as a ‘parody’.

Letter from Lord Pethick-Lawrence to Lady Pethick-Lawrence

Office of Cabinet Delegation, The Viceroy’s House, New Delhi.—Is busy but well. The future progress of the mission is uncertain, as is the date of their return, but they expect to leave for Simla on Wednesday. Has written a letter of condolence to Lady Keynes (see 2/259).