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Letter from M. F. Latham to Nora Sidgwick

She and her family 'always considered Mr Sidgwick, when [they] were all young together, as the most lively, interested talker' they knew. Remembers a visit he made to them as an undergraduate [in 1858], when he stayed some time, 'joined in everything the family did, and... made everything he joined in more amusing'. He suggested they 'should get up Tableau vivants'', proposing 'Sleeping Beauty' for her, and saying that Miss Tawney - her sister-in-law - 'would do excellently for the beauty.'

Relates another incident during the same visit in which she went to the drawing room to help her mother receive some callers 'and saw at the other end of the room Mr. Sidgwick asleep in an easy chair, dressed in an Afghan costume of white felt belonging to [her] father, and wearing the fur cap belonging to it', with a sleeping kitten asleep on top. Declares that he was such a charming visitor, 'always amusing and always making himself at home with [them].'

Latham, Marianne Frances (1839-1926) née Bernard, mistress of Girton

Letter from E. Enfield to Henry Sidgwick

Claims that he is having difficulty in collecting 'the opinions and emendations of all interested in the welfare of the Univers[ity]. Mentions that he gave Mr Martineau a copy of Sidgwick's alterations, of which he approves and adds 'a suggestion of another'. Asks Sidgwick to look at it and return it to him with comments. Mentions that he has received Sidgwick's note and enclosure that morning, and assures him that he will introduce the corrections mentioned

Enfield, Edward (1811-1880) philanthropist

Letter from Lord Acton to Henry Sidgwick.

On books recommended for reading in relation to medieval ethics, including Gass' Geschichte der Christlichen Ethik, a volume of lectures by Neander, and Bettmann's Geschichte der Christichen Seite. Gives opinion as to the merits of each. Recommends especially Histoire des auteurs ecclesiastiques in 22 vols. by Ceillier, and 'the new edition' of Havreau. Mentions also Winter's book on the Ethics of the School of Alexandria and Jourdain's book on St Thomas. In relation to Hartmann's Phenomenology, claims it to be 'rude and spare' in the treatment of medieval theory, and comments that Sidgwick's 'enemy' Guyau 'knows nothing about it.' Mentions that his inability to verify the titles of his suggestions is due to the fact that he is ill in bed at the time of writing

Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg (1834-1902) 1st Baron Acton, historian

Letter from R.I. Palgrave to Henry Sidgwick

Reports that he made the enquiry of which they spoke 'from the [ ] of the Colonial Office respecting Government by Companies', and encloses his reply [not included], which reached him on the day on which he writes. Remarks it to be 'a curious thing that after [England] has, as many thought entirely shaken itself clear of this form of dual [Govt.] after the E[ast] I[ndia] Co. had been made an end of - that it should have slid back again into this old [favour] and sanctioned the establishment of so many new companies of the old plan.' Asks Sidgwick to return the 'Gazette copy of the [ ] [Borneo] [Charter]' and Meade's letter when he has finished with them. States that he has written to thank the latter. Asks Sidgwick to write a short article 'on the subject' for his Dictionary [of Political Economy]. Claims that when he has had to write on any special subject that 'requires care', he has never minded writing a short article on it first, 'as the doing so seems to help to clear one's mind'. Refers to his meeting with Sidgwick in Cambridge, and invites him and Mrs Sidgwick to visit himself and his wife during the summer.

Palgrave, Sir Robert Harry Inglis (1827–1919), knight, banker and economist

Letter from Eleanor Mildred Balfour to Mary Sidgwick

Thanks her for her letter. Is unable to express her own happiness, and how much she wishes to be a good wife to Henry and a good daughter to her; looks forward to getting to know her.

Sidgwick, Eleanor Mildred (1845-1936) Principal of Newnham College Cambridge

Calling card from Charles Adam

Visiting card of Charles Adam, Membre de l'Institut, Recteur de l'Université de Nancy, with note thanking Sir James and Lady Frazer for the copy of 'Sur les traces de Pausanias'.

Letters from Sir Courtenay Ilbert with drafts of a reply

Letters of 15 Mar. 1906 and 26 June 1908 accompanied by letters from J. T. Sheppard dated Aug. 2 1903 and 29 Mar. 1906 with the draft of a reply on the verso on one, with a letter from Sheppard to Henry Cholmondeley Jackson dated 8 Jan. 1949, and a draft of a letter from Henry Jackson to [Sir Donald?] MacAlister dated 17 March 1906.

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