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Papers of Harold Davenport
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'Über y² - x³'

Lectures delivered May-August 1966, originally found together in an envelope labelled `Lectures Göttingen'. All are in German.

9pp. ms. draft, paginated 38-46.

Correspondence with B. J. Birch, re joint papers

(Bibliog. 118 and 119)

Since Davenport collaborated with Birch on these two papers published in 1958, and as an accurate division of this material between them would be impossible, it has been arranged in a single chronological sequence.

D.112: June, July 1957
D.113: August 1957
D.114: September-December 1957
D.115: January, February 1958
D.116: March-July 1958
D.117: 2 ms. drafts, 5pp. and 11pp.
D.118: 2 ms. drafts on same subject, 7pp. (with 4pp. ms. notes) and 6pp.
D.119: Miscellaneous ms. notes, drafts and calculations
D.120: Ms. notes by Birch

'Gleichungen und Identitäten'

Lectures delivered May-August 1966, originally found together in an envelope labelled 'Lectures Göttingen'. All are in German.

19pp. ms. draft; 9pp. miscellaneous ms. notes and calculations (2pp. in English).

University of Michigan

'Analytic methods for Diophantine equations and Diophantine inequalities', 1963.

Bound photocopy of a course of lectures given at Michigan in the Fall Semester, 1962.

Folder includes letter from publishers, 30 July 1963, outlining publication agreement.

Hasse, H.

Hasse's pre-war letters are all in very fluent English, with some personal and general as well as mathematical news. His letters in German use the 'du' form right to the end.
G.116: 1932, Nov., Dec.
G.117: 1933, Jan.-June. Letter of 20 January has a ms. note by G.H. Hardy.
G.118: 1933, July-Dec. Hasse's letters of 20 and 24 October and 11 November include news of German mathematicians in Germany and abroad.
G.119: 1934. Includes material re Hasse's and Davenport's joint paper (Bibliog. 8), and Hasse's appointment at Göttingen.
G.120: 1935
G.121: 1936, 1938, 1939
G.122: 1946, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1963, 1967. (1967 death of Hasse's wife).

'Michigan Lectures'

Contents of a folder so inscribed.
C.116: 'Analytic methods for Diophantine equations and inequalities'. 26pp. ms. draft.
C.117: 'Goldbach's Problem'. 16pp. ms. draft.
C.118: 'Vinogradov's result on sums of 3 primes'. 16pp. ms. draft.
C.119-121: Variously titled and paginated shorter ms. drafts.
C.122: Untitled ms. draft paginated 24-40A.
C.123: Questions papers, etc.
C.124: Original folder inscribed with calculations.

Material relating to Blichfeldt, collected or made by Davenport

2 letters from A. Brauer, 1932, to Blichfeldt.
'Remarks on work of Blichfeldt', n.d. (c.1947-50).
2pp. ms. notes by Davenport.
4pp. miscellaneous ms. notes on Blichfeldt, made by Davenport, n.d. (c.1947-50).
'Various topics in the theory of numbers', 1953-54.
6pp. typescript draft of a lecture by Davenport, containing material on 'Blichfeldt's Principle'.

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