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Papers of Harold Davenport
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'Cubic forms in 32 variables'

(Bibliog. 116).
D.122: 74pp. ms. draft.
D.123-124: 2 copies of 75pp. typescript draft, both with different ms. corrections.
D.125: 25pp. ms. draft, paginated 73-97, and headed '8 Synthesis'.
D.126: 14pp. ms. draft headed 'Cubic Forms. "Absolute" lemmas'.
(D.127, D.128 are the contents of a folder inscribed 'Cubic forms (old) historical interest'.)
D.127: 1p. ms. notes headed 'History of cubic forms in 32 (later 16) variables'; 26pp. ms. draft headed 'B. Certain exponential sums'.
D.128: 16pp. ms. draft headed 'G. Synthesis'.

Notes and drafts

'Rademacher. Riemann -von Mangoldt Theorem', 7 July 1959. 5pp. ms.

'R. Remak. Über die Minkowskische Reduktion der definiten quadratischen Formen'. 3pp. ms. on paper published by Remak in 1938.

Heilbronn, H. A. and others

G.123: 1934. Includes a letter from L. J. Mordell; 1935 (card only, 're Heilbronn's acceptance of Bevan Fellowship at Trinity).
G.124: 1939. Two letters only.
G.125: 1940. Includes correspondence re internment, Heilbronn's family affairs, release and service in army.
G.126: 1946. Includes undated letter from G.H. Hardy re help for Heilbronn's parents, tentatively dated 1943 by Mrs. Davenport.
G.127: 1947. Research, publications (Bibliog. 54).
G.128: 1948
G.129: 1949
G.130: 1950
G.131: 1951-54. Includes various notes and drafts and a 'Rough draft' for a paper 'On cubic fields' by Davenport.
G.132: 1955-58. Research, publications, appointments.
G.133: 1959. Heilbronn's letter to A.U.T., December 1959, headed 'University expansion. Quantity or quality'.
G.134: 1960. Includes draft letter and memorandum to Chairman, U.G.C. (Sir Keith, later Lord, Murray) and draft questionnaire.
G.135: 1960. Material re 'Questionnaire on recruitment of university teachers in mathematics' circulated April 1960 by Heilbronn and Davenport.
G.136: May 1960. Replies and information from colleagues in Cambridge, sent to Davenport in answer to questionnaire.
G.137: May 1960. Tables of results and information, and continuing correspondence, including a little on affairs of L.M.S.
G.138: 1960, June-July. Mainly re 'Second Memorandum' on university expansion, to be sent to U.G.C.
G.139: 1960, June-July. Correspondence re proposed conference on shortage of teachers of mathematics. Davenport was asked to chair the conference but declined because of his views on university expansion. (Correspondence kept with the Heilbronn material.)
G.140:1960. Miscellaneous notes and drafts for 'Second Memorandum', 'Notes on the questionnaire', etc.
G.141: 1962–63
G.142: 1964, 1965, 1967. Brief correspondence only.

Notes and drafts

'J.M. Vinogradov. On a general theorem concerning the distribution of the residues and non-residues of powers', n.d. 6pp. ms. on paper published by Vinogradov in 1927.

'J.V. Whitworth', n.d. 1p. ms. notes re Whitworth's thesis, 1947, for MSc. at Manchester University.

'Miscellaneous math mss'

Contents of a folder so inscribed.

E.125: Ms. notes on various topics made from Hardy-Littlewood. Ms. notes on work by Hecke, including 'Über analytische funktionen und Verteilung von Zahlen mod eins' (published 1921). Ms. notes on Lerche's formula.
E.126: 'Landau. Bedeutung der Pfeifferschen Methode für die analytische Zahlentheorie'. Ms. notes on paper published by E. Landau in 1912. 3pp. ms. notes, headed 'B.M. Wilson'. 7pp. ms. notes and calculations.

Series of 4 lectures, given 3-7 September 1968

C.126: 'Diophantine approximation: an introductory survey'. 15pp. duplicated typescript with ms. corrections.
C.127: 'Badly approximable numbers'. 11pp. duplicated typescript with ms. corrections.
C.128: 'Dirichlet's theorem'. 17pp. duplicated typescript with ms. corrections.
C.129: 'A problem of Diophantus'. 15pp. photocopy of ms. draft.
Created while at the University of Michigan, 1962-1968.

Work by others

'Research Problems', by H.T. Croft, August 1967. 'This set of problems went through various editions, and was published (in collaboration with R.K. Guy) in c1983, under the title "Unsolved Problems in Intuitive Mathematics"'. (Information from Professor B.J. Birch, February 1986.) 28pp. duplicated typescript.

'Problems (mostly geometrical)', by H.T. Croft, n.d. 7pp. duplicated typescript.

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