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Inscription by Anton Frey

‘Non secreta tui cordis sciat omnis amicus | Hic tibi forsan erit capitalis cras inimicus. | Psal. 39. Ach wie gar nichts sindt doch alle Menschen! [Hebrew letters] | Darumb | Psal. 37. Befihl dem herren deine Wage Undt | hoffe auff Ihn, Er wirdts wol machen.’ Dated at Lützelstein. Addressed to Elias Mertel.

Inscription by Johannes Wolleb

‘Aut solo totoque Christo fruendum aut toto carendum.’ Probably written at Basel. The writer’s title is ‘D[octor] Eccl[esi]æ Basil[ianæ] Pastor ibidemque SS. Th[eologiæ] Professor’.

Manuscripts collected by Piero Sraffa

  • SRMS
  • Colección
  • 1629-20th cent

The collection comprises manuscript correspondence and notes of a number of important political economists and politicians.

Sraffa, Piero (1898–1983), economist

Inscription by Lucas Osiander

‘Omnia et in omnibus CHRISTUS.’ (Colossians, iii. 11.) Probably written at Tübingen. The writer’s title is ‘Cancellarius Academiæ, et Præpositus Ecclesiæ Tubingensis’.

Printer’s device of Sébastien Cramoisy (Paris)

Two flying storks, one feeding the other, surrounded by the motto ‘Honora patrem tuum, et matrem tuam, ut sis longæus super terram. Ex. xx.’ and by various depictions of filial devotion. At the head are the printer’s arms, and at the foot his mark containing the initials ‘S. C.’ Engraved by Picquet. This device appears in Nicholas Abram’s Commentarius in tertium volumen orationum M. T. Ciceronis (1631).

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