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Papers of Harold Davenport
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Bateman, P. T

1950 letter is re paper by R.P. Bambah. Correspondence 1963-65 is on general research problems, appointments, publications, etc.

Lectures and addresses

'Report on visit to the University of Vienna', 6-19 April 1964.

1p. ms. draft.

'Diophantische Gleichungen in mehreren Unbekannten', 15 April 1964, given during visit to Vienna.

2 ms. drafts, 6pp. and 14pp., with first page only of an early draft, all in German.

Undated lectures for societies or conferences

C.152: 'Packing and covering by spheres'. 2 ms. drafts, both 7pp., of a talk, one labelled 'copies Harvard lecture'. 'Problems of packing and covering'. 9pp. typescript draft, perhaps a later version related to Bibliog. 160.
C.153: 'Simultaneous Diophantine approximation'. 2 ms. drafts, both 4pp. 5pp. typescript draft, with ms. corrections, of 'Congress lecture'.
C.154: 'Kongruenzen vom additiven Typ'. 12pp. ms. draft.
C.155: 'The large sieve inequality'. 12pp. ms. draft of 'Lecture delivered somewhere'.
C.156: 'Un problème d'approximation Diophantienne'. 12pp. ms. draft.

'On a theorem of Mrs. Turán'

(Bibliog. 153).
D.154: 8pp. heavily-corrected ms. draft, and photocopy of original version without corrections.
D.155: 7pp. photocopy of ms. draft with ms. corrections, and a covering letter to B. J. Birch, 8 July 1964.

y² - x³

6pp. ms. draft with 2pp. ms. notes, labelled 'Early version, eventually published as 159'.

Invitations and programmes

C.157: Announcements of 2 London Mathematical Society lectures delivered by Davenport, 1946 and 1968. Programme of the Mathematical Association, 1949-50.
C.158: Letter inviting Davenport to session of International Congress of Mathematicians, 18 June 1949. Programme of conference at Brussels, 1955. Programme of conference at Rome, 1968.

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