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Letter from F. W. Pethick-Lawrence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence

Trinity College, Cambridge.—Explains why his previous letter (6/71) was ‘scrubby’. Has arrived in Cambridge to find everything unchanged. Is about to go to Frank’s rooms.



Trinity College, Cambridge
Jany 22 04


Such a scrubby little line I sent e to greet e in the morning {1}; but I think I wd tell you its story. A rush of work, a great hurry to catch the train, but dear love to my own sweetheart.

It is jolly to be up here—everything is unchanged: the place is like the Almighty, it seems; Change & decay in all around I see—O thou who changest not .… {2} Echos have died away: daily papers are not—Chinese Labour has not served to ruffle the calm waters of the University world.

But O Patz your laddie boy thinks of you & wishes you a sweet time & then on Monday we meet again!

I am just going to Franks rooms but anticipating I am sure I may send his love with mine; but perhaps tht† is a kind of sending you don’t like; isn’t it now?

Arms round

Your own
Silly Billy

Love to May & Brer Jack


{1} The reference is to PETH 6/71.

{2} The words are from the hymn ‘Abide with me’.

† Sic.

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