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Letter from Emmeline Pethick to F. W. Lawrence

Littlehampton.—Discusses her activities with the children, and asks him to visit Mrs Reed at Notting Hill Infirmary. Is awaiting a reply from Pearse. Encloses a letter from her second cousin, Mary Neale.

Letter from Emmeline Pethick to F. W. Lawrence

The Green Lady Hostel, Littlehampton.—Sends a review by Chesterton and other information, and asks whether Miss Judge will be coming with him.



The Green Lady Hostel. | Littlehampton.
30. 8. 01.

Freddy—I know you are not very great on the Papers so am sending you one of Chesterton’s reviews—The Mystery of the Mystics {1}. There is something so blade-straight[,] so fresh discerning in this man’s style & in his apprehension: here are some fine sentences worth keeping—especially one that suits the farthest fibre of me—“True spirituality is as humble as a lover and as careless as a schoolboy.”

There is also one other thing that I noted for you—You remember the question that arose between you & Mr Cope on the title of Neville Chamberlain. You were right[—]it is Field Marshal

Does Miss Judge come with you on Saturday morning {2} or later? We shall be a jolly big party. I do hope that we get a cycle ride tomorrow. I am longing to feel myself on that free wheel again!—

Shall think of you this afternoon—hope you’ll get a good game: Sweetheart—Yours



{1} A review of Eleanor Gregory’s Introduction to Christian Mysticism, from the same day’s Daily News.

{2} 31st.

Letter from Emmeline Pethick to F. W. Lawrence

The Green Lady Hostel (Littlehampton).—Refers to her activities alone and with the children. Is thinking of going to Holmwood on Saturday, and agrees that they should ‘fix up’ Canning Town for the 14th. Pearse has sent some money.



The Green Lady Hostel.
4. 9. 01.

Such a perfect day dearest—so fresh so bright so fragrant. Someday I must take you for the walk that I went yesterday—the loveliest wildest tramp the most glorious expanse & freedom.

I do not think that it will be necessary for me to go to Holmwood this week. I may possibly break the journey there on Saturday {1}.

I am glad that you are getting plenty of golf. I think I shall ride to Bognor this afternoon with some of the party.

Your letter this morning was very sweet to me. Your Sweetheart


Just come in from flying a kite—one of those new scientific ones from America. Oh it was pretty to feel it pull—to hear it sing as it came down. Yes—we will fix up Canning Town for the 14th. Your bicycle is mended. It was the darling Daddy sent me the kite & a cheque for £23 this morning which make† £50 since I came here. Isn’t he an angel?—Oh—oh—but I do want to see him again. Getting awful hungry. Me go cry! like Freddy go when him hungry—!


{1} 7th.

† Sic.

Letter from Emmeline Pethick to F. W. Lawrence

20 Somerset Terrace (Duke’s Road, W.C.).—Sends some hymns (for their wedding), and gives directions for printing them. Invites him to dinner to meet a couple who are about to be married. Expresses her love for him.

Letter from F. W. Pethick-Lawrence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence

87 Clement’s Inn, W.C.—At today’s meeting they discussed the coercive measures introduced in the Transvaal and the Orange Free State, and it was agreed to form an unofficial committee to receive information from South Africa and act in concert with the Dutch.



87 Clement’s Inn, W.C.


Just going to bed, I see the stars are out & I think that will mean my Mumsey will sleep well. I kiss this at the foot {1}.

Courtney, Lehman†, Gooch & F Harrison and others were at the Mackarnesses this afternoon. One of the things Fischer talked about was the Peace Reservation Act which is a kind of stringent coercion Act enforced by Milner in the Transvaal & O R C {2} and prevents a man from saying or writing anything of which the Govt does not approve. It appears there is not much to be done but to protest.

The principal thing we discussed was the possibility of forming some sort of unofficial Committee which might receive information from S. Africa with a view to using it. How far could it act in concert with the Dutch in the T & O R C & with the Dutch Party in Cape C. We formed ourselves into a kind of unofficial body, which I regard more as as† bureau of information than anything else.

Mrs Mackarness was interested in J R M {4}, & I suggested they shd come to dine here with them some day, which she thought very pleasant. So I suggest Tuesday fortnight. Mumsey will be fit as anything by then; & I don’t think we have engagement. I have fixed up provisionally with the Ms {3} and unless there is anything to the contrary, will you send off enclosed.

Some time later I should like to ask the Bunces {5}.


{1} There is a cross at the foot of the page.

{2} Orange River Colony.

{3} Mackarnesses.

{4} James Ramsay MacDonald.

{5} Reading uncertain.

† Sic.

Letter from John W. Graham to Sarah Ann Eddington


Meadow Brow, Grasmere.
VIII. ’02

Dear Mrs. Eddington,

My last duty is now one of simple good wishes.

The men up for Physics Hons. were a set much better than in any previous year. Any of the first three would have been top in any other year; & Stanley was well ahead of the others, & obtained over 80 per cent on the whole examination.

He will find a larger sphere and more competition at Cambridge; and I trust we shall hear he is bearing himself well under it.

With best wishes
I remain
Your friend sincerely
John W Graham

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