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Letter from F. W. Pethick-Lawrence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence

Trinity College, Cambridge.—Explains why his previous letter (6/71) was ‘scrubby’. Has arrived in Cambridge to find everything unchanged. Is about to go to Frank’s rooms.



Trinity College, Cambridge
Jany 22 04


Such a scrubby little line I sent e to greet e in the morning {1}; but I think I wd tell you its story. A rush of work, a great hurry to catch the train, but dear love to my own sweetheart.

It is jolly to be up here—everything is unchanged: the place is like the Almighty, it seems; Change & decay in all around I see—O thou who changest not .… {2} Echos have died away: daily papers are not—Chinese Labour has not served to ruffle the calm waters of the University world.

But O Patz your laddie boy thinks of you & wishes you a sweet time & then on Monday we meet again!

I am just going to Franks rooms but anticipating I am sure I may send his love with mine; but perhaps tht† is a kind of sending you don’t like; isn’t it now?

Arms round

Your own
Silly Billy

Love to May & Brer Jack


{1} The reference is to PETH 6/71.

{2} The words are from the hymn ‘Abide with me’.

† Sic.

Letter from F. W. Pethick-Lawrence to Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence

‘The Echo’ Office, 19 St Bride Street, Fleet Street, E.C.—Is sorry he can’t be with her this afternoon, but he will be especially nice to ‘the two dear kiddies’ at the weekend. His evening (at Trinity) went well, and the Master said that the ‘dear boy’ (Frank Pethick) was much loved.

(Cf. 6/64–5 and 6/71.)

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