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Add. MS a/695/2 · Item · 7 Dec. 1933
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On headed notepaper for Newnham College, Cambridge. Typed, with autograph signature. Certifies that Ambrose has been a student of Newnham and a 'recognised research student of the University of Cambridge' since October 1932.

In 1932-1933 the courses she attended were 'Metaphysics' with Moore, 'Philosophy', and 'Philosophy for Mathematicians' with Wittgenstein, and 'Advanced Logic' with Braithwaite. This year she is continuing the first two of these, as well as attending courses on 'Types of Deductive Logic' with Braithwaite and 'Theory of Functions of a Real Variable' with Ingham. Professor Moore is the supervisor of Ambrose's research work.

White, Alice Barbara (1891-1986), née Dale, crystallographer and educationalist
Add. MS a/695/1 · Item · 24 Apr. 1935
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On headed notepaper for 86 Chesterton Road, Cambridge. Has been a supervisor to Ambrose for more than two years, while she has been researching for her Ph.D. on 'Finitism in Mathematics'. She is 'an industrious & intelligent student, very well aware of the difficulties of the subject...& very persevering in her efforts to overcome them. She is keenly interested not only in the particular subject of her research but in philosophical problems generally'. Thinks 'she would be a competent & stimulating teacher of philosophy'.

Moore, George Edward (1873–1958), philosopher
Add. MS a/694/1 · Item · [1 Feb. 1944?]
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Trinity College, Cambridge. - Goldstein's paper for the CPS [Cambridge University Physics Society] has been sent to Hardy by Hodge, and Hardy 'inevitably began playing about with the integrals'. Has no criticisms of Goldstein's 'way of dealing with them - it is straightforward and effective', but 'the following formal connections' may be of interest to him. Extensive mathematical notation and discussion follows, and the end of which Hardy concludes 'So your way of attacking the integral seems, in practise at any rate, much better than mine'. In a postscript he adds 'Some of your formulae set nasty problems for the printers', and suggests some changes.

In pencil; written on the back of what seem to be proof sheets for a mathematical paper by Hardy. Envelope addressed to Goldstein as 'Dr S. Goldstein, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, Middlesex' and postmarked 'Cambridge 5 15 PM 1 Feb 1944'.

Add. MS a/694/2 · Item · 5 Feb. 1944
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Trin[ity] Coll[ege], Cam[bridge]. - Has looked again at Goldstein's manuscript, and suggests changes, with mathematical notation. 'In the aggregate this will save quite a lot of space & look much nice'. Does not think it's necessary to return the manuscript, as 'the changes can be made easily by systematic instructions to the printer - less trouble to me as well as to you'.

Adds postscript asking Goldstein to think of ideas for Cambridge Tracts in Applied Mathematics, for which Hardy is 'editor designate'. Thinks that the present programme includes only his own paper with Rogosinski, Fourier Series, which will appear on 11 February, Smithies' Integral Equations and Copson's Asymptotic Expansions; the last two 'can hardly be got ready until after the war'. Notes that the series is 'by no means strong on the applied side. Of course, what is contemplated is very mathematical applied mathematics - I don't think 'proper physics' would fit in very well'.

Add. MS a/696 · Item · 4 Jun. 1919
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On embossed headed notepaper for 7 Wilmslow Road, Withington, Manchester. In regards to Bromwich's letter, is 'anxious to promote advanced studies generally and as far as I can. The kind of lecture Bromwich proposes 'will be useful to a varied class of men'. Will go into the question properly when he takes up residence in early July; they will be able to 'discuss the question more fully' then. Thinks there 'will perhaps be a number of special courses for advanced students if the time-table & lecture space will allow of it'. Is 'glad' to have Bromwich's 'suggestion of a course that will have [?] to bring the Engineer, Mathematician & Physicist in closer connexion'.

Hard to know when 'anything definite will occur in the Math Dept. there', and to 'guess the policy of our unknown Com[mit]tee who may be appointed some time in the future'. Likely to be 'a good deal of discussion on the policy to be adopted for in addition to a possible two in the University, there may be another in the the College of Technology'.

Rutherford, Ernest (1871-1937), Baron Rutherford of Nelson, physicist
Add. MS a/693 · Item · c 1681
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Poem addressed to Queen Catherine of Braganza on the occasion of the visit by Catherine and Charles II to Trinity to view the structure of the Wren Library, then being erected. Title as it appears is 'To the Queen spoken by Mr Duke in the new Court by ye Liberary [sic]'. First line, 'You equall partner in the Royall bed...'

Duke, Richard (1658-1711), poet and Church of England clergyman
Add. MS a/688 · Item · June 1915
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Presentation album of 13 mounted black and white photographs taken by J. Palmer Clarke at the beginning of World War I, showing images of nurses and soldiers posed in Nevile's Court, the cloisters of Nevile's Court while serving as a hospital, with images of sick and wounded solders in beds, on the lawn beyond, and on the lawn and in tents in the North and South Paddocks on the Backs, with one image in New Court, possibly of the arrival of the first patient. Presented in an album with the following in gold lettering on the front: "Presented to the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge by the Officer Commanding, the Registrar and the Quartermaster of the 1st Eastern General Hospital T.F., June 16, 1915."

Accompanied by a letter from the Officers of the 1st Eastern General Hospital presenting a silver cup in commemoration of September and October 1914, when the sick and wounded soldiers were treated in Nevile's Court. The letter is signed by sixteen men, including Col. Joseph Griffths, Officer Commanding, Major F. E. Apthorpe Webb, Registrar, Lieut. Reg. H. Porter, Quartermaster, Lt. Col. Frederick Deighton, Lt. Col. Laurence Humphry, and Lt. Col. G. Sims Woodhead.

Griffiths, Joseph (1863-1945), pathologist, Commanding Officer of the First Eastern General Hospital