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Diary of Somerset Belmore

Photocopy of a diary kept from 13 Oct. 1853 to [8 Feb.] 1855, while a student at Trinity. The daily entries record Belmore's activities: dining, attending church, visiting friends, paying bills, writing family and friends, hunting, playing tennis, walking, dancing, leaving calling cards, reading, and attending lectures. Friends mentioned include Lord Cavendish, Lord Dunglass, Lord Hervey, Lord Leveson-Gower, and Sir Ivor Guest. Visits to London, Eton, Enniskillen, and Ambleside are recorded during the holidays from Trinity. The last entry is followed by a list of members of the Athenaeum Club in Cambridge during the Easter Term 1854, apparently updated in Oct. 1885, followed by a list of names and addresses of other members of the nobility. A 'Whist List' at the back records losses and gains, and another list records the number of rabbits killed between 19 Aug. and 11 Oct. 1854. This is followed by a copy of an envelope dated 23 Nov. 1891 and a printed list of spirit licence applications in Newtown-Butler and Enniskillen in Nov. 1891.

Papers of C. D. Broad, Part II

  • Fondo
  • 20th c.

Papers relating to psychical research and other occult subjects, the Perrott Fellowship, the Arthur Stanley Eddington Memorial Lecture, and the Swedish language, with group photographs relating to Dulwich College.

Broad, Charlie Dunbar (1887-1971), philosopher


References written by Batchelor, mostly for senior or junior faculty members. Given the likelihood at the time of cataloguing that they would fall under Data Protection laws, they have not been catalogued in detail

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