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Additional Manuscripts b
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Additional Manuscripts b

  • Add. MS b
  • Fonds
  • 16th-20th c.

The additional manuscript series are artificial groups containing manuscripts from various sources. Most of the contents are single items or small groups, but they include some fairly large personal archives, either arranged in sequence or scattered in various places. See the overview of the collections (https://archives.trin.cam.ac.uk/index.php/overview).

Trinity College Library, Cambridge

Copy letter from A. W. Howitt to J. G. Frazer

c/o Dr Howitt, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham. Dated 20 July, 1904 - Adds a bit more to the all father discussion, mentions Billy Wombat, who lived at the Mission Station, and Julaba, who lived with Howitt for a long time; contrasts their situation with that of [Baldwin] Spencer's Arunta.

Copy letter from John G. Bourke to Dr J. G. Frazer

War Department, Washington. Dated April 28, 1889 - Information on Native American rites, in answer to Frazer's questions; Zunis burying 'plume sticks' at planting time; Frank H. Cushing is an authority on the Zunis; Moquis and nearly all the other Pueblos have the same rite; witnessed Apaches carrying a cross with snakes and other decorations; will send a copy of Frazer's questions to Dr [John S.] Hittell in San Francisco; is finishing a work on Ur-Orgies.

Copy letter from J. G. Frazer to John Roscoe

King's Head Hotel, Cirencester. Dated 24 April 1915 - Returns the proofs of the illustrations [for his book 'The Northern Bantu'] and gives advice on captions, on the table of contents, on the title; regrets that Roscoe's camera broke before getting pictures of the Bakene and Bagesu.

Copy letter from J. G. Frazer to John Roscoe

1 Brick Court, Middle Temple, E.C. Dated 13 April 1915 - Encloses the last proof sheets [for his book 'The Northern Bantu']; hopes he is making a full Index and warns that the preface will need to be revised; has plans to go to Cirencester and Strathpeffer for his wife's health.

Copy letter from R. C. Bosanquet to Dr J. G. Frazer

9 Prince's Park Terrace, Liverpool. Dated 23 March 1907 - Has been reading 'Adonis, Attis, Osiris' and sends information related to the Gardens of Adonis, lunar sympathy, and thongs cut from the hide of a sacrificial victim.

Copy letter from A. W. Howitt to J. G. Frazer

Kingsmoor House, Nr. Harlow, Essex. Dated 16 July 1904 - Sends a revised paragraph on the all father [for his book 'The Native Tribes of South East Australia', transcribed] taking into account Frazer's caution [as to fraud or error on the part of his native informants?], has asked a missionary [John?] Bulmer to ask 'Billy Wombat' about the ceremony at the Lakes, which he did not know about.

Copy letter from Giacomo Boni to J. G. Frazer

Palatino e Foro Romano. Dated 1 x (1913) - Thanks him for the two books sent him at the same time, is extremely pleased, thinks 'The Scapegoat' is very good; is analysing the early Latin stratifications on top of the Palatine hill, under the Atrium or central part of Domitian's palace, and includes a sketch [not reproduced]; hopes they will now come visit, now that the books are done.

Copy letter from A. W. Howitt to J. G. Frazer

24 Ladbroke Gardens, Notting Hill, W. Dated 13 July, 1904 - Thanks him for his letter and continues the discussion of the belief in the tribal all father, including mention of the 'mungan-ngaur' among the Kurnai; regrets he did not discuss this matter with [Baldwin] Spencer and does not see why Frazer should excuse Spencer's letter; his daughter [Mary] has been helping him go over the proofs but is sure there will be something overlooked when they receive the revise; with a page with an addition to the text [of his book 'The Native Tribes of South East Australia'] about the all father.

Copy letter from Giacomo Boni to J. G. Frazer

Palatino (Rome). Dated 25.iii (1913) - Thanks him for the first volume on 'The Belief in Immortality and the Worship of the Dead'; it has made him think of the fear of death of the indigenous Siculi or Liguri who lived in the foothills of the Palatine, hopes to show him the mysterious [word missing] a new one just discovered under the oldest republican house under Domitian's Lararium; a doctor friend says he's seen a difference in the ways those in the north face death compared to those from the south; next May wants to go to Eton to examine some sketches, and will be doing a lecture in London, hopes to see them then.

Copy letter from A. W. Howitt to J. G. Frazer

24 Ladbroke Gardens, Notting Hill, W. Dated 12 July, 1904 - Thanks him for the trouble he has taken on the Attic Tribes but has decided to omit the whole section [of his book 'Native Tribes of South East Australia'], and will write to [Lorimer] Fison to explain his reasons; has written a paragraph defending the 'All Father business' in view of [Baldwin] Spencer's objections; went to see Mr [William Napier?] Shaw [at the Meteorological Office?] but he was away and he found nothing of use, at the British Museum he found the Queensland Rain Map which he sends Frazer.

Copy letter from A. W. Howitt to J. G. Frazer

24 Ladbroke Gardens, London, W. Dated 1 July, 1904 - Thanks him for the proofs and manuscript Frazer lent him, has been busy with correcting his own proofs [of 'The Native Tribes of South East Australia']; thanks him for his notes on the Attic tribes.

Copy letter from Fritz Boehm to J. G. Frazer

Berlin - Pankow, 10 Cavalierstr. Dated March 24th 1905 - Sends him his dissertation on Pythagorean Symbols; found Frazer's essay 'Some Popular Supersititions of the Ancients' and his 'Golden Bough' to be of immense help in his research.

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