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Goldschmidt, Johanna Maria Lind- (1820-1887) singer known as Jenny Lind
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Letter from Adam Sedgwick

AS was supposed to have had lunch with Jenny Lind after 'seeing the lions; but she became so nervous from the pressure of the mob that she retired to the Hall and refuses to come out agin. I have shaken her by the hand and do not hope to see her again'. Lind was obliged to WW for showing her around the Lodge.

Letter from Henry Sidgwick to his mother

Reports that he 'got a little out of order' on the journey from Cannes, and resolves to take care of himself; cannot uses his 'eyes or brain' for an hour or two after dinner 'or - dyspepsia'. States that he has much work to do. Regrets that he missed seeing Arthur before he left. Declares that he enjoyed the Mediterranean air. Reports that he found out Mrs Plunkett, who asked after his mother. He travelled to Cannes with Mr Otto Goldschmidt, 'a most neat - vivacious little man', whose wife [Jenny Lind] is 'rather a swell at Cannes: but not popular' as far as he could tell. Describes the scenic delights of Mentone. Reports that Symonds is very ill, and that his wife looked 'worn and anxious.' Wonders if William will come over to Cambridge that term.