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Letter from Lord Pethick-Lawrence to Lady Pethick-Lawrence

Office of Cabinet Delegation, The Viceroy’s House, New Delhi.—Congress has rejected the plan for an interim Government but accepted a long-term plan for constitution-making. They plan to leave on Friday.



Office of Cabinet Delegation, The Viceroy’s House, New Delhi
June 25. 46

My darling.

Congress today turned down the plan for interim Govt but accepted a long-term plan for Constitution Making.

The result though nt as good as at one time seemed possible is a considerable achievement for which I am profoundly thankful.

Our present idea is to start from here on Friday & if tht is adhered to we should be in London on Monday Afternoon July 1. In tht case this will probably be the last letter tht I shall write to you before I start.

If it all works out as I have said, my joy at the prospect of seeing you again is overwhelming.

Kisses & love

From your very own


This letter includes the abbreviated forms ‘tht’ for ‘that’ and ‘nt’ for ‘not’.

Letter from Evelyn Sharp to F. W. Pethick-Lawrence

The Cottage, Cold Ash, Berks.—Suggests she should only be paid for only half her holiday, as she will not be returning as assistant-editor (of Votes for Women). Is sorry to end her connection with the paper, and is grateful for what she has learnt.

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