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Letter from Ernest Thurtle to F. W. Pethick-Lawrence

Ministry of Information.—The proposal that Elizabeth Robins should be brought to England to speak and broadcast on Anglo-American understanding has been rejected on the grounds that she is ‘rather old for as full a programme of meetings as would justify an Atlantic passage at this time’.

Letter from Maude Royden Shaw to Lady Pethick-Lawrence

Barnfield Top, Bayley’s Hill, Sevenoaks, Kent.—Thanks her for her understanding response to the portrayal of Effie Shaw in her book (Royden’s autobiography, A Threefold Cord). Her initial hesitation to publish the book was overcome by the effect it had on the woman who typed it.

Letter from Lady Sansom to Lord Pethick-Lawrence

[Tucson, Arizona.]—She and George are wintering in Arizona. ‘George is very happy in this Far West, where there is much serious study on Japan in the universities.’

(Air letter, postmarked at Tucson.)

Carbon copy of a memorandum by Sir George Schuster headed ‘India. Note on action taken as a sequel to the meeting of the All-Party Group of M.P.s on Tuesday, October 21st’

While the draft letter to Amery (see 3/200) was being circulated, he submitted a copy of it to Amery himself, who, contrary to the group’s original agreement, communicated the substance of their suggestion to the Viceroy (Linlithgow).




Note on action taken as a sequel to the meeting of the All-Party Group of M.P.s on Tuesday, October 21st.

As arranged at the meeting I circulated a draft for a letter to Mr. Amery. Simultaneously, in order to save time, I sent a copy of the draft to Mr. Amery explaining clearly that this was only my own draft and had not yet received the approval of the other members. I sent it to him be-cause I thought it would be valuable if he could let me have his own private reactions before the final form of letter was settled. As I did not receive any acknowledgment to my letter from Mr. Amery I asked him to see me on November 5th. He then told me that he had actually communicated the substance of the suggestion to the Viceroy, but, as a matter of fact, when he saw me he was not quite clear in his memory as to whether he had telegraphed to the Viceroy or included a paragraph in an Air Mail letter. I explained to him that this was not in accordance with what I had settled with my colleagues as I had intended to communicate with them again before a letter was actually sent in to him. In the result, however, it does not make much difference, and we must now await the Viceroy’s reply.


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