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Add. MS b/59 · File · 1860-1905
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Letters, from both scholars and members of the public, regarding W. Aldis Wright's editions of Shakespeare (including collaborations with W. G. Clark) as well as notes on the texts and suggested emendations. Some letters with no addressee may have been written to W. G. Clark. Correspondents include E. B. Cowell, F. J. Furnivall, C. M. Ingleby, H.A.J. Munro, W. W. Skeat, Duncan Tovey, and the 8th Duke of Devonshire. Some notes by Julius Lloyd and Lionel Booth.

Wright, William Aldis (1831-1914), literary and biblical scholar
Add. MS b/102 · Item · [20th cent.]
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

The second notebook of four into which Ramanujan's Notebook 2 was copied by an unidentified person, catalogued as Add.Ms.b.101-104. Chapter X is continued from Add.Ms.b.101, and Chapter XVIII is continued in Add.Ms.b.103. Includes two letters from G. N. Watson to B. M Wilson, 28 June 1929 and 1 October 1930 (between ff. 32 and 33).

Ramanujan, Srinivasa (1887-1920), mathematician
Add. MS b/104 · Item · [20th cent.]
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

The fourth notebook of four into which Ramanujan's Notebook 2 was copied by an unidentified person, catalogued as Add.Ms.b.101-104. Chapter XXI is continued from Add.Ms.b.103. Contents: ff 1-5 Chapter XXI (cont'd); ff 6-12 Calculations 'Copied from the Loose Papers': miscellaneous (ff 6-12), proof for Bertrand's Postulate (ff 13-16), reciprocal functions (ff 16-25), approximate summations of series involving prime numbers (ff 25-44), 'Middle of a paper?' on moduli (ff 45-55), 'The Three Quarterly Reports f the late S. Ramanujan, to the Board of Studies in Mathematics, when he was a Research Scholarship-holder', 5 August and 7 November 1913 and 9 March 1914 (ff 64-118).

Ramanujan, Srinivasa (1887-1920), mathematician
Add. MS b/114 · File · [19th-20th cent]
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Volume of letters from a number of correspondents, who are represented by one or two letters each. Many of the correspondents are identified at the top of the page on which the letter is mounted, in the form of an autograph book.

Bazeley, William (1843-1925) canon of Gloucester, antiquary
Add. MS b/31 · File · 19th - 20th cent
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Typescript of Suffolk Sea Phrases by Fitzgerald, ed. Ganz); typescript 'Foreword' [to Ganz's Gleanings from Edward FitzGerald], dated 31 Mar (1939 added by hand then crossed through and corrected to 1944 with list of dated quotations, and letter [?] headed 'An Edward Fitzgerald Scrap-Book', signed by Ganz (dated Bexhill March 3 1947).

Many of the following items have labels and notes by Ganz on the back: 88 sheets of photostats and other copies of Fitzgerald letters, dating 1857-1883; reproductions of portraits of Fitzgerald (10 items); reproductions of Fitzgerald family portraits (17 items); photographs (some originals) of Fitzgerald's friend Joseph Fletcher, "Posh (8 items); photographs of boats, several bearing name of George Crabbe (7 items); portraits and photographs (copies and originals) of associates of Fitzgerald, birthday card (19 items); photographs and postcards of buildings and places with Fitzgerald associations (25 items); MS copies of 8 letters by Fitzgerald by Edith Hawes Craven with accompanying letter to Ganz (1933).

Letters (4) by Fitzgerald; letter to Fitzgerald by Thomas Carlyle; letter from Joseph Fletcher to James Blyth.

Also xerox copies of letters relating to the copyright of Fitzgerald's Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, by Fitzgerald, Bernard Quaritch, and others, with accompanying letter sent to [C. R.] Dodwell by A[lfred] McKinley Terhune (1964).

Papers of D. S. Robertson
Add. MS b/77 · File · 1933-1959
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Notes, drafts of articles, letters, and printed material primarily relating to the Carbery copy of Milton's Eikonoklastes, now in Trinity College Library.

Robertson, Donald Struan (1885-1961), classical scholar
Add. MS b/37 · Series · c 1910?-1958
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Add.Ms.b.37 is part of a group, Add.Ms.b.35-37, which contain over 1100 typescript copies of letters written to Sir James George Frazer, arranged by surname of correspondent. A full description of the group may be found in the scope and content note for Add.Ms.b.35.

Add.Ms.b.37, the fifth and sixth boxes in the alphabetic sequence of letters, covers the surnames R-Z, and contains 392 typescript copies of letters in these two boxes, two other items catalogued as stand-alone items, and a group of seven items (which aren't copies) found together at the bottom of the second box. The two other copy items are a copy caption by Northcote Thomas for a photograph (Item 274), and a copy of a clipping (Item 389a). The group of seven items (Items 393-399) is miscellaneous original material, and includes a letter from the Trinity College Bursar to the Librarian (Item 393) about a group of Frazer letters sent to him in 1958 (our items Add.Ms.c.56-61); other items, letters and proofs sent to Frazer are closely related to those original manuscripts housed as Add.Ms.c.56-61.

Most of the letters in Add.Ms.b.37 are from correspondents represented by two or three letters only, but there are three large groups of letters from one correspondent: G. G. Ramsay (Items 1-32), Northcote Thomas (Items 261-266, 269-278), and a large cache of letters written by J. G. Frazer to John Roscoe with three letters from Roscoe in the gaps: Items 33-106, 109-144, 146-171.

Of the 146 copies of letters in Add.Ms.b.37 written by J. G. Frazer, five were published in Robert Ackerman's 'Selected Letters of Sir J. G. Frazer', and none are represented by originals in the Add.Ms.c.56-61 series (see allied materials note below). There are ten copies of letters written to Lilly Frazer.

Frazer, Sir James George (1854-1941), knight, social anthropologist and classical scholar
Add. MS b/36/1 · Item · c 1947-c 1955
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

22 St Peter's Green, Bedford. Dated July 20, 1889 - Offers a transcript of Mr Beardmore's answers to Frazer's anthropological questions [not transcribed]; is thinking of working up his own notes on the Torres Straits Islanders and the Daudai natives from New Guinea north of the Torres Strait; also encloses a newspaper cutting from 'Torres Straits Pilot' [not transcribed].

Add. MS b/36/10 · Item · c 1947-c 1955
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Chetwynd House, Selly Oak, Nr. Birmingham. Dated Oct. 22/03 - There is no convenient text book for the Calendar: he uses [Nicolaus] Nilles, 'Kalendarium Manuale', the printed Synaxaristes and the Acta Sanctorum; has some material on rain-charms and other things from Armenia, and asks if Frazer wants notes or something more formal.

Add. MS b/36/12 · Item · c 1947-c 1955
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Chetwynd House, Selly Oak, Nr. Birmingham. Dated Nov. 12/03 - Sends a few corrections to the GB vol. I, and encloses a story of a friend, Joseph Hoyland Fox, made the victim of sympathetic magic [not transcribed]; sends a cutting from the 'Daily News' [not transcribed] relating to twins, one human, one divine.

Add. MS b/36/18 · Item · c 1947-c 1955
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Chetwynd House, Selly Oak, nr. Birmingham. Dated Feb 4/06 - Has read the 'Fortnightly' articles ['The Beginnings of Religion and Totemism among the Australian Aborigines'] and remarks on the ignorance of conception noted there and mentions a similar ignorance in a village near Cambridge.