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Joseph Grote

Grote, Joseph (1748-1814), merchant banker

Box 26: Zachary Macaulay

Letters of Zachary Macaulay, the majority to his brother in law Thomas Babington; one letter encloses a copy letter from Macaulay to Thomas Gisborne about his son John Gisborne's behaviour. One letter from Zachary Macaulay to his sister Jean Babington; another, incomplete, to an unknown recipient.

Macaulay, Zachary (1768-1838), philanthropist

Box 14: Thomas Babington

Letters of Thomas Babington to his wife Jean, née Macaulay. Some may be partially dictated by him rather than in his hand. One, of 27 Aug 1816, encloses a copy of a letter from Thomas Babington to his son John.

Babington, Thomas (1758-1837), philanthropist and politician

Colin Macaulay

Letters from Colin Macaulay to his niece Jean Babington; some letters addressed to both Jean and her sister Mary, one with an additional note to Mary included. Invitation to Colin Macaulay from the Misses Macleod to celebrate the birthday of H. R. H. Princess Charlotte of Wales.

Macaulay, Colin (1760-1836), general, biblical scholar, and abolitionist

Box 9: Jean Babington

Letters of Jean Babington to her father Thomas Babington, 1806-1832 ; two including notes from her brother Thomas Gisborne Babington to their father, one including a note from her mother Jean Babington, née Macaulay.

Three ketters from Jean Babington to her brother Thomas Gisborne Babington, 1813-1814.

Babington, Jean (1798-1839), daughter of Thomas and Jean Babington

Box 17: Thomas Babington

Letters of Thomas Babington to his sons; most are to John Babington (one, 21 June 1805, is addressed to both John and Matthew), but there are also three letters to Matthew Babington, July 1820-Mar. 1823 (one with a note from Thomas Babington to his daughter Mary) and one letter to Thomas Gisborne Babington (14 June 1825).

Babington, Thomas (1758-1837), philanthropist and politician

Box 12: Margaret Anne Babington – Sarah Anne Babington

Letters from Margaret Anne Babington to her brother Matthew Babington, 1817-1818, one with a note from their sister Jean to Matthew.

Letters from Matthew Babington: to his brother George Gisborne Babington, 3 Oct. 1829, with additions by his wife Frances (née Sykes) and brother in law James Parker; to his father Thomas Babington, 1821-1833, one with a message to his mother Jean Babington (née Macaulay); to his brother in law James Parker, c 14 Aug. 1829; to his sister Mary, later Parker, with a message from his brother Thomas Gisborne Babington to Mary, c 14 Sept. 1811.

Letters from Matthew Drake Babington: to his aunt Jean Babington (with note from Thomas Babington to his wife Jean), 26 June 1804; to his uncle Thomas Babington, 1822-1826.

Letter from Sarah Babington, née Disney, to her sister in law Mary Parker, 8 Sept. 1837.

Letters from Sarah Anne Babington, née Pearson, to: her father in law Thomas Babington, Nov. 1824 and Oct. 1825; her sister in law Mary Babington, afterwards Parker, 1816-1829 (one with note from her husband George Gisborne Babington to his sister Mary).

Box 30: Sir James Parker

Letters of James Parker to Mary, née Babington, both before and after their marriage on 29 Jun 1829. Additions and enclosures: copy of narrative about Captain John Porteous from Mary's original, also included; note from his sister Susan (later Darroch) to Mary; verse by James Parker, 'False nymph...'; note by Mary Parker.

Parker, Sir James (1803–1852) Knight, judge

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