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Lawrence, Helen Millar Pethick- (1888–1969), suffragette, wife of 1st Baron Pethick-Lawrence Imagen Con objetos digitales
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Letter-card from E. M. Forster to Lord Pethick-Lawrence

King’s College, Cambridge.—Sends good wishes (on Pethick-Lawrence’s marriage).



King’s College, Cambridge

Thank you for sending me a card: this brings my kind remembrances and best wishes for your happiness.

E M Forster

Feb 18 1957

Carbon copy of a letter from Lord Pethick-Lawrence to Indira Gandhi

11 Old Square, Lincoln’s Inn, London, W.C.2.—Has returned to England, and Helen is on the way to America to see her children. Thanks her and her father (Nehru) for their hospitality. His interview with Miss Naidu at Calcutta was brief, as she was recovering from influenza. Has sent a letter of thanks for Miss Rao (see 2/112).

Letter from R. C. Ghose to Lady Pethick-Lawrence

Imperial Hotel, 121 Queen’s Gate, S.W.7.—Thanks the Pethick-Lawrences for their hospitality at the House of Lords (cf. 1/336) and asks about the other guests. Wishes to obtain tickets to see the House of Commons. Proposes to arrange a reception for the Pethick-Lawrences at Calcutta during their forthcoming visit to India.

Letter from R. C. Ghose to Lord Pethick-Lawrence

10 Debender Ghose Road, Calcutta–25.—Gives details of the meeting which Pethick-Lawrence has agreed to address (see 1/340). He and his wife would like to meet the Pethick-Lawrences privately while they are in Calcutta.

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