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Manuscripts in Wren Class R
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Letter from William Whewell

WW was disappointed at not seeing HJR in London. He was to have gone with Charles Babbage to Sir Joseph Banks on Sunday but was unwell. WW has been trying to improve his philology by studying Welsh: 'It is not a language wh. there is much temptation to learn'. WW does not believe that we owe much to our Celtic ancestors, and that the most valuable aspects of our manners and constitutions is derived from our gothic past. It has been a long time since WW has read Butler [Joseph Butler]: 'It is a book of negatives. Its object is not to prove, but to remove the presumptions against, natural & revealed religion...he claims the ground and then leaves revelation & other arguments to reset the building.' Did HJR see Jeremy Bentham? WW notes that his 'Church of Englandism' has come out again.

Transcripts and collations of John Wyclif's De Ente

Transcripts of Trinity MS B.16.2, with collations of MSS at the National Library in Prague, Vienna, and Stockholm, gathered for Wyclif Society publications. A note accompanying the papers indicates that the rest of the transcripts were destroyed after they were published.

Wyclif Society

Incomplete letters from unidentified people to William Whewell

Letters have been assigned numbers 1-20. Item 1 is a note entitled "Hints for Dr. Cumming's Apocalyptic Researches"; item 2 is an anti-evangelical letter; item 3 discusses the corruption of the word "Paulician"; item 6 is a fragment of a letter concerns the "mutual relations" between political economy and morality: 'It is the separate province of Morality to make us good, & of Economic Science to make us wise'; item 11 is an incomplete letter with the author's name missing: knows of no English translation of Cuvier's "Lessons on comparative anatomy", and only knows of Blumenbach's work on that subject; item 12 refers to the "correcting principle" used on the voyages to the North Pole obtained very complete corrections: "the equator of my imaginary sphere came nearly onto the position of the horizon", Basil Hall used the old principle in his voyage across the equator; item 13 is dated 6 Aug. 1840 and questions Whewell's assertion in his Bridgewater treatise, that the sun diffuses in all directions inexhaustible supplies of heat as well as light; item 19 is possibly addressed to Mrs Stair Douglas in March 1866 and originally enclosed a poem in memory of 'that wonderful Philosopher Dr Whewell'.

Manuscripts in Wren Class R

  • R.
  • Fondo
  • 16th–20th c.

Class R is the Wren Library repository of manuscripts for all those works which could not be classed as theological. As a consequence, the class is a miscellaneous assortment representing many fields, particularly history, poetry, philosophy, law, natural science, medicine, and music. The contents of Class R were described in 1901 by M. R. James in the preface to volume II of his catalogue of Western manuscripts in Trinity College Library, which may be viewed online: A searchable version of the James catalogue may be found online:

The manuscripts listed in this catalogue are those modern manuscripts in R with strong connections to materials housed elsewhere in the library, particularly in Additional Manuscripts. Where James did not provide a description in his catalogue, a description has been provided. Where the James catalogue entry is detailed, a pointer record has been created in this catalogue to highlight the entry in the James catalogue. It should be noted that there are gaps in the numbering scheme of items on the shelves, and that the cataloguing of these materials is a work in progress.

Trinity College Library, Cambridge

Notes relating to Welsh etymology

Includes translations of Welsh poems and two printed poems, "Cerdd Newydd, O Ddiolch I Hollalluog Dduw ac f'r Marquis of Anglesey, Am iddo sefyll yn ffyddlon yn y Frwydyr faw a fu yn Waterloo, Mekehin 18ed 1815 Ar y mesur a elwir Lord Willbri." (Caernarfon, 1816) and "Hanes y Carwr Trwstan".

Two papers on gradients

Draft, "On the Valuation of the mechanical effect of Gradients on a line of Rail Road" by Peter Barlow and a report, "Experiments made with the Salamander in the lesser inclined Plane" by an unidentified author, May 1836.

English and Latin declamations at Trinity College, Cambridge

On the spine is stamped ‘DECLAMATIONES | — | TRIN. COLL. CANTAB. | TOM. | I. | 1799–1809’, and inside the front cover is written, ‘Declamationes in Coll. S.S. Trinitatis Cantabrigiae | habitae | Tomus. I. | 1799–1809’. The dates in these titles do not match those of the contents. The manuscripts in the volume appear to be autograph.

Renouard, John Henry (1758–1830), college teacher

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