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‘Books | Sales and Receipts’
EDDN/D/1/3 · Unidad documental simple · 1914–44
Parte de Papers of Sir Arthur Eddington

(Pasted inside the back cover is a statement of Eddington’s account with the Clarendon Press in respect of sales of Stars and Atoms during the year ending 31 Mar. 1944.)

‘The Cavendish Laboratory’
EDDN/C/1/6 · Unidad documental simple · [Oct. 1934 x Feb. 1935]
Parte de Papers of Sir Arthur Eddington

(This paper includes a description of Eddington’s visit to the Laboratory in Oct. 1934. W. E. Burcham described the circumstances of its composition as follows: ‘towards the end of 1934 Sir Arthur Eddington wrote a pamphlet describing the Cavendish and its achievements to form the basis of ‘an appeal to the friends of science and of Cambridge’. The pamphlet was published in Feb. 1935, and privately circulated to possible benefactors both within and outside Cambridge. See ‘The Cavendish High-voltage Laboratory 1935-39’, Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, vol. liii, pp. 121-2. (The title appears under the heading ‘Miscellaneous’ in D2/3.))

Account of an expedition to Principe
EDDN/C/1/3 · Unidad documental simple · [14 July x 30 Oct. 1919]
Parte de Papers of Sir Arthur Eddington

(This is an early version of part of a report to the Royal Society by the Joint Permanent Eclipse Committee. The latest date mentioned in it is 14 July 1919, and the report was received by the Society on 30 October and read on 6 November.)

Chapter VII: Wave Vectors
EDDN/B/1/9 · Unidad documental simple · July 1944
Parte de Papers of Sir Arthur Eddington

§ 66. Idempotency.
§ 67. Standard form of idempotent vectors.
§ 68. Spectral sets.
§ 69. Catalogue of symbolic coefficients.
§ 70. The wave identities.
§ 71. Matrix representation of E-numbers.
§ 72. Factorisation of E-numbers.
§ 73. Wave tensors of the second rank.
§ 74. Wave tensors of the fourth rank.
§ 75. Phase space.
§ 76. Relative space.
§ 77. Vectors in micro space.
§ 78. The quantum-classical analogy.