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Album, 'Africa, 1938'

3 cuttings, two of them announcing the forthcoming 'Anthologia Anthropologica. The Native Races of Africa and Madagascar', and one of them reproducing a portrait of Frazer by Rothenstein as the Portrait of the Week in the 'Illustrated Weekly of India'.

Press cuttings

"The Times" - 'Position of rival forces in Spain' (map)

"Daily Worker" - 'International Brigade arrive in Spain'

"Daily Worker "- 'Heroic fighting by Britons in Spain'

"Daily Worker"- 'Spain's farewell to men who kept faith'

Two albums, 'Press Cuttings, Totemica'

63 cuttings announcing or reviewing 'Totemica', including two copies of Bernard Malinowski's review in the March 19, 1938 issue of 'Nature', and two of A. L. Morton's review in the April 1938 issue of 'Criterion'; there is also a review by E. N. Fallaize in the 'Manchester Guardian' and by Frederick J. Gould in 'The Literary Guide' of November, 1937. Two additional cuttings relate to 'Greece and Rome'.

Collection of correspondence of J. M. Image

Includes testimonials and printed material. Some letters have explicatory notes by Florence Image. Almost 40 letters from Henry Jackson. Several letters from or relating to: H. M. Butler (some to Florence Image), A. V. Verrall, W. Aldis Wright, W. H. Thompson, Duncan Crookes Tovey and other members of his family, J. G. Frazer, J. N. Dalton, and J. W. L. Glaisher; for other correspondents see names below. Some letters by Image himself to various correspondents, and printed material

Album, 'Miscellaneous, 1938'

48 cuttings of articles in which Frazer is mentioned personally (including a number reporting his honorary doctorate from the University of Athens) or in which his books are mentioned as a source for a discussion of local customs and folklore.

Album, 'Cuttings, 30/1/38'

36 cuttings of articles, many of them reviews of 'Totemica', with a few others on 'Pasha the Pom', 'Greece and Rome', and 'Aftermath'. Several cuttings appear to be missing, as several pages have publication information recorded but no corresponding cutting below.

Press cuttings

"Daily Herald" - 'Stink Bombs at Peace Rally'

"Daily Express" - 'Stink Bombs at Peace Talk'

"Chronicle" - 'Stink Bombs at Peace Rally'

List of Eton scholars, including John Cornford

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