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Add. MS b/37/393 · Unidad documental simple · 27 June 1958
Parte de Additional Manuscripts b

Trinity College, Cambridge - A covering letter accompanying 'a large collection of Frazer letters' found amongst Mr [Robert Angus] Downie's papers after his bankruptcy. At top, 'Answd. Keep them.' in the hand of H. M. Adams.

Correspondence with John J. Parry
Add. MS b/77/36a-e · Unidad documental simple · June-July 1953
Parte de Additional Manuscripts b

Five letters, two from Parry, three drafts of letters from Robertson, with enclosed replies to Sonia Miller's article in The Journal of English and Germanic Philology.

Add. MS b/34 · Unidad documental simple · c 1953
Parte de Additional Manuscripts b

Letter from Marsh to [Herbert Mayo] Adams, 25 Jan 1956, bound in: offers the typescript as a gift to the Library, and promising the gift of his English translation of Bertrand Russell's The Logic of Relations, originally written in French

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Letters from Arthur Crook
Add. MS b/77/4-5 · Unidad documental simple · Mar., June 1951
Parte de Additional Manuscripts b

From Crook, the Editor's Assistant at the 'Times Literary Supplement'. Letter of 25 June encloses copies of his article.

Letters from Helen Darbishire
Add. MS b/77/8-14 · Unidad documental simple · 1951-1954
Parte de Additional Manuscripts b

Letter of 3 Feb 1951 with her article in 'Notes & Queries'. Letter of 14 Feb. 1951 is accompanied by some of DSR's notes, with a rough draft of a letter to [Lars] Hanson dated 15 Feb. 1951. Letter of 3 Dec. 1951 with extract from the 'Review of English Studies'.