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Burkitt's lymphoma experiments

These notebooks described experiments carried out by Sir Anthony to investigate Burkitt's lymphoma. These studies involved growing malignant lymphoblasts (immune cell predecessors) from patients. Sir Anthony and Dr Bert G. Achong initially studied three strains of Burkitt's lymphoblasts from Uganda (EB1, EB2, and EB3), strain SL1 from Nigeria, and strain QIMR-GOR from New Guinea. There were 5 strains of the Epstein-Barr virus by 1968. Notebooks are grouped in order of book number. Each notebook contains loose strips of papers to mark significant sections and markers taped to the pages to delineate each Epstein-Barr virus strain, and includes loose notes.

Electron micrography

Notebooks C/5/2–C/5/14 contained in this sub-series detail Sir Anthony's specimen preparations for imagining through electron micrography (EM). This sub-series also includes electron micrograph prints from the early decades of Sir Anthony's career (C/5/1, C/5/15–C/5/21).

Photographs and negatives of various experiments

Negatives labelled 'Reichert' and figures, possibly film and exposure numbers, noted in the remarks columns on each covering page. Envelopes of prints identified on the envelopes according to experiment number and film/exposure numbers. Envelopes marked 'University of Bristol'

Epstein-Barr virus experiments: notebooks of Dr Bert Achong

This series includes laboratory notebooks of Dr Bert Achong, a member of Sir Anthony's research group. The notebooks describe experiments relating to the Epstein-Barr virus. Volumes I and II (C/2/1 and C/2/2) describe experiments carried out at the Bland-Sutton Institute, and Volume III (C/2/3) is from the Department of Pathology at the University of Bristol.

Tissue and virus culture

This set of notebooks, spanning from 1952 until 1968, detail Sir Anthony's tissue and virus culture experiments and methods. These techniques involve the growth and maintenance of different cell lines. Viral culture experiments tested for the ability of particular viruses to infect cell lines of interest.

Bland-Sutton Institute

These diaries cover the period when Sir Anthony was Assistant Pathologist and Head of the Department of Pathology at the Bland-Sutton Institute of Pathology at the Middlesex Hospital, London from 1964–1968. Entries are in Sir Anthony's own hand and that of another individual, probably a secretary.

Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford

These diaries cover the period when Sir Anthony was Emeritus Professor of Pathology at the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, University of Oxford. Here he served as Medical Research Council Cancer Research Campaign (MRC/CRC) co-ordinator for the Epstein-Barr virus vaccine research programme.

Wolfson College, University of Oxford, and other

These diaries include Sir Anthony's personal and social events, as well as professional, teaching, and advisory commitments at Wolfson College, University of Oxford. The diaries also contain reference to the events of other societies and organizations including the Royal Society.

Slide sets for conferences, meetings, and papers [9]

'Plates for RSM demonstration'
'Neg. Plates of Pfizer PTA slides of EB Virus'
'Passport photo neg.' cross reference personal and photographs in D
'Diagrams of cell organelles and cell centrifugation for cell biology course'
'Tough Xsome Plate for Burkitt chapter 3' 1968
'Ordered mitochondria for students cell biology course'

Illustrations for papers with listings and descriptions

Set of glass plate slides in small wooden slide filing cabinet. Illustrations for papers. Includes detailed keys, in the drawers, listing each paper presented with a description for each slide.
Drawer 1: 1951–1959
Drawer 2: 1959–1964
Drawer 3: 1964–1966
Drawer 4: 1966–1968
Drawer 5: 1968–1972

Published illustrations

Folder: List of plates checked against published illustrations for papers 43–171 (see E/1/1)
Box 1: Glass plates for papers numbered 43–66
Box 2: Glass plates for papers numbered 67–171 and 3 addenda (see list in folder for addenda)

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