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MS notes by P[ercy] Gardner on his relationship with Henry Sidgwick

Says that his association with Henry Sidgwick in 1870 was 'so unusual, and place[s Sidgwick's] kindness in so striking a light', that he [Gardner] is tempted briefly to record it. Relates that as an undergraduate he had not met Sidgwick, nor attended any of his lectures, but that, when resident after his degree, he wrote two papers on philosophical subjects, which were shown to Sidgwick by Gardner's tutor, Mr Peile. Sidgwick must have seen some promise in them, and consequently arranged that Gardner should lecture Sidgwick' undergraduate students on Kant and Hamilton for one half of the term, and Sidgwick take them for the other half. Wonders whether this arrangement might not have been very fair on the students, but states that it was 'a kindly and generous act' on the part of Sidgwick. Refers also to the long talks he had with Sidgwick at that time, but does not trust his memory to repeat them. Says that Sidgwick's 'fearless honesty [and] his transparent sincerity' deeply impressed him, and made him feel afterwards that 'these were especially the qualities which an English philosopher was bound to exhibit in the world of thought....'

Gardner, Percy (1846-1941) classical archaeologist