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Letter from E. M. Forster to Elizabeth Trevelyan

West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. - Will not be able to come to lunch due to work on the house; hopes she had a good weekend at Littlehampton. Has sent off the index [to his biography of Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson] and just has the revised proofs to correct. Mrs Hardy has suggested that he edit her husband's letters to Mrs [Florence] Henniker; would have liked the job but feels he has done 'enough memorialising for the present' and will only do it if the pay is good. Terence Millin is the surgeon who uses diathermy; if Bessie sees her friend she could ask about him. Ackerley heard about him from his GP, Wadd of Richmond; Forster is sceptical; thanks Bessie for sympathy and support. Hopes to go to some of the Busch concerts.

Postcard from R. C. Trevelyan to Julian Trevelyan

I Tatti, Settignano, Florence; addressed to Julian at 7 Villa Brune, Paris XIVme, forwarded to the Shiffolds . - Asks Julian to remind him of[Maria] Germanova's address, as he wants to send a 'book of Jean [Marchand?]'s to Andryusha [Kalitinski]', also asks whether he should address it to 'Andrey' or 'André'. May spend a few days in Paris around 24 or 25 February, or go straight home. Everyone at I Tatti sends love. Bessie hopes Julian will be able to come before the Busch [Quartet?] concerts.

Letter from Antonia Speyer to Elizabeth Trevelyan

Ridgehurst, Shenley, Herts. - Has just heard that the Adolf Busch Quartet will come to play for her husband in the afternoon of 30 October; wonders if the Trevelyans would like to come to hear them. If Mr Trevelyan is away and Elizabeth is staying in town with Miss [Marie?] Busch; afraid she cannot offer a bed for the night as her husband 'gets so very tired nowadays', but there will be tea after the music, before the quartet return to London.

Letter from R. C. Trevelyan to Julian Trevelyan

Casa Boccaccio, Settignano, Florence, Italy. - Can only send a few stamps as a birthday present, but they may be 'better than nothing, if only as swops; not sure if the Italian "Croce Rossa" stamp is a proper one, but will let him know. Is taking the tram to Florence today to see a concert by a German quartet; the first violin, [Adolf] Busch, is a 'great friend of uncle [Donald] Tovey and uncle Julius [Röntgen]', who think he is 'the best violinist of the time'. Hope Julian is better and back at school; Elizabeth says she will visit him there next Saturday before going to the Netherlands for a few weeks; Robert will return about the same time she does; sends love to the [Thomas Sturge] Moores.

Letter from Frances Dakyns to R. C. Trevelyan and Elizabeth Trevelyan

6 Devonshire Place, W.1. - Asks Bob to forgive her for not thanking him before for his 'lovely poems at Christmas' [From the Shiffolds". He sees what she is now doing [organising the Busch concerts?]: a 'big task... with everything to arrange'. Adolf and Hedwig [Busch] came for two days last week en route to Switzerland, and will return with the Quartet in mid-April. All is going well. Postscript asking whether Bob had called in on her here one day: very sorry to have missed him if so. The 'Petrol ban is a curse' and she would have visited them at the Shiffolds long ago otherwise.

Postcard from R. C. Trevelyan to Elizabeth Trevelyan

Berenson, I Tatti, Settignano, Florence. - Hopes Bessie has got his letter saying that Julian has managed to get Bob a sleeping berth for the train leaving Florence on 20 April; will arrive on Monday 21st and stay the night at the N[ational] L[iberal] C[lub]. Would like to go to London for some of the Busch [Quartet] concerts so will also engage rooms then. Hopes his earl return will not disturb Bessie's plans; would have liked to stay in Italy a little longer, but this was impossible. Will see George and Janet on Tuesday, then they lunch at I Tatti on Wednesday.

Letter from R. C. Trevelyan to Elizabeth Trevelyan

The Stella Maris Nursing Home, Trumpington Road, Cambridge. - Bessie will have heard from Catherine [Abercrombie] that Dr Noble thinks he should go for a few weeks into a nursing home to 'rest and be overhauled'. Is no worse, and in fact thinks he is 'definitely better', and he 'quite enjoyed the [Apostles'] dinner', but the doctor examined him 'very carefully' and thinks he needs the rest. Dr Noble is a 'nice quiet sensible man'; Bob thinks Dr Holloway and Dr Bluth would approve of him. Is very sorry to miss the St Matthew Passion and all the Busch [Quartet] concerts. It will not be long before they are 'both at home again together'. Janet seems 'remarkably well and cheerful'. Has to stop as he has several letters to write; hopes Bessie's cure is going well.

Letter from R. C. Trevelyan to Julian Trevelyan

National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, S.W.1. - Glad to hear Julian is coming to London soon; [Maria] Germanova will be here on 24 February to act [Hjalmar Bergman's] "Joe et Cie". He and Elizabeth have written to her suggesting she should come a few days earlier and visit the Shiffolds; Shahid [Suhrawardy] could meet her in London; if this is impossible, they hope she will visit on Sunday morning between performances, since she must return straight after the Sunday evening one. Has got Julian a ticket for the play on Friday; also one for the Busch Quartet which they hope he will come to. C.A. [Clifford Allen] is ill again, after a 'very good winter'; but he seems a little better now.