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Add. MS a/396/1 · Item · 12 Mar. 1914
Part of Additional Manuscripts a

14 Vencatachalamudaly Lane, Triplicane [Thiruvallikeni], Madras [Chennai]. - Has been given a scholarship of at least one year of £250 a year which will be extended for a year if the reports from Cambridge are favourable. Is starting on 17 Mar. from Madras and will travel by sea all the way. Has written today to Mr Hardy. Asks Neville to 'take me or at least send some-body to London as I am new to anything and everything'; apologises for the trouble taken on his behalf by Neville.

Ramanujan, Srinivasa (1887-1920), mathematician
Add. MS a/614/16 · Item · 12 Mar. 1928
Part of Additional Manuscripts a

(With an envelope.)



Trinity College | Cambridge
12 March 1928

Dear Semple,

Neither timidus nor any word expressive of character would suit Hor. art. 114 or any of the four following verses, and it would not match heros, which is not such a word: it is applied to Midas in Ouid. met. XI 106 and to Actaeon when running away in III 198.

Neville was here some months ago, and I was glad to hear from him that you seemed to like Reading.

Yours sincerely
A. E. Housman.

[Direction on envelope:] W. H. Semple Esq. | The University | Reading


The envelope, which bears a 1½d. stamp, was postmarked at Cambridge at 9 p.m. on 12 Mar.

Add. MS a/396/2 · Item · 6 May 1918
Part of Additional Manuscripts a

Matlock Sanatorium, Matlock, Derbyshire. - Thanks Neville and his wife; had a letter of congratulation from Neville's brother [on Ramanujan's election as a fellow of Trinity]; is very sorry [Neville's brother] is having sleepless nights.

Became very ill after Neville saw him last and has not recovered; was much worse in March and April. Is currently investigating a continued fraction, which he writes out; discusses some of its properties with mathematical notation.

Hopes that Neville and his wife are well, and sends them kind regards.

Ramanujan, Srinivasa (1887-1920), mathematician
HERM/C/3 · Item · 15 Mar. 1928
Part of Papers of R. A. Herman

Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge - Is sending two packets of Herman's notes on Differential Geometry, "18 lbs of them nearly"; is not sending a larger packet of other notes on Solids, as he does not think there is anything in them of interest; notes that among Herman's notes were the proofs of Forsyth's book on DIfferential Geometry. Is going away to Buckinghamshire and says that Neville's notes on spherical harmonics may be sent to him to await his return in Cambridge.