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Jenks, Edward (1861-1939) jurist and writer
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Letter from George Macaulay Trevelyan to Elizabeth Trevelyan

22 Sussex Villas, W. - Has written to Mrs Grammont [sic: Bramine Hubrecht] 'about her young Russian'. Tells Bessie to make sure Bob writes the article on [Thomas Sturge] Moore as soon as he gets home. Will be away from the middle of March to the middle of May, so Bob must communicate directly with [Edward] Jenks about the article, unless [Nathaniel] Wedd or [Goldie Lowes] Dickinson return from their Easter holiday in time to take it. Glad they have got 'such a jolly place'.

Letter from Desmond MacCarthy to R. C. Trevelyan

Addresses Trevelyan as Aldebarantiphoscophormio, at The Mill House, Wescott, Dorking. - Would love to pay a farewell visit to the Mill House, if he is not staying with Russell. Disappointed Trevelyan does not agree with 'EVERY WORD' of his article; is now writing on G. P. R. James. Quotes exchange with Jenks on the title. Hopes Trevelyan saw his remarks on the London gas supply, is 'going to drop literature and go in for politics'; has abandoned fiction and begun his autobiography.

Letter from George Macaulay Trevelyan to R.C. Trevelyan and Elizabeth Trevelyan

90 High Street, Oxford. - Thanks Bob and Bessie for their letters. In twenty-four hours, he and Janet will be married; there is 'too much to say to begin saying it'. Will return to Cheyne Gardens by the middle of May; expects they will see each other soon after that. Tells Bob in a postscript to send his article on [Thomas Sturge] Moore to E. Jenks when he has finished if none of Goldie [Dickinson], [Robin] Mayor or [Nathaniel] Wedd are in England.

Letter from Desmond MacCarthy to R. C. Trevelyan

Thanks for Trevelyan's letter of advice about the article. Has his 'back up' against the Ind[ependent] Rev[iew] at the moment: received a cheque from Jenks for his review which was 25 shillings short of the sum agreed. Does not mind writing 'for love', but does object to having his 'wages chipped at the discretion of that little shit'. Asks for total discretion: must speak to George [Trevelyan] first if he decides to complain. There has been a fight outside the office: Udale had his nose 'scraped'. J. Burns [John Burns?] is probably going to be sued by Harris for libel; this too can only be mentioned to Trevelyan's wife. Would like to visit soon; will bring 'the black wallowing unprofitable & the Marie Kov [?]'. A postscript, reading 'Sir, my name is Otto. Why not make my initials D.S.O?' may be a reference to the Trevelyan's son Paul.

Letter from Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson to R. C. Trevelyan

1 All Souls Place, Portland Place, W. - Will leave for Italy in a day or two; gives his address in Florence. Will meet Mayor there and go on a cycling tour to Assisi and Siena; Wedd will also probably be there. It would be good to see Trevelyan. Glad that Trevelyan is reviewing Sturge Moore [for the "Independent Review"]; he should send the review to Jenks. His own articles on religion will appear in the May and June numbers. Helen [Fry] is 'quite herself', only 'too keen to do things...and difficult to manage.'