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Masterman, Charles Frederick Gurney (1873-1927) politician, author and journalist
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Letter from Janet Trevelyan to Elizabeth Trevelyan

Stock's Cottage, Tring. - Thanks Bessie for writing about Mr Dakyns [his death]; was good to hear from her though they had seen the reports in the newspapers. Wishes she had known him better, but after her family left Haslemere she did not see him much so he is 'just a childish memory'; George of course was 'very fond of him'. Asks 'what will become of Frances', for whom she feels very sorry. Hopes that all goes well with the new nanny, and that Bessie might manage to visit for a few days before they go; suggests some dates: Moya Llewelyn Davies is probably coming for the day on Friday, and Bessie might like to meet her; the [Charles?] Mastermans may be coming on Sunday the 9th but there would be room for Bessie too. Will understand if she cannot come, and look forward to seeing her at Wallington, and getting 'to know each others' babies really well'. Humphry is 'such a delight' to her now, and since his 'bush of curls' was clipped has 'turned into such a real big boy'. Notes in a postscript that it is almost certain the Mastermans will not come.

Letter from [Frank] Podmore to Nora Sidgwick

Referring to an enclosed printed extract regarding an estimation of Henry Sidgwick's character, declares that he shall be very glad that the 'few lines should be quoted', and states that he has made some slight alterations in order to bring out the meaning more clearly. States that he shall look forward greatly to reading the book [Henry Sidgwick, a memoir]. Adds that he was reading a few days ago Masterman's appreciation of Henry Sidgwick in The Peril of Change.

Podmore, Frank (1856-1910) psychical researcher

Typewritten accounts, and references to accounts, of HS by various friends, acquaintances, pupils, colleagues and admirers.

Includes Professor Maitland's speech at the memorial meeting for Henry Sidgwick; obituary by Miss E.E.C. Jones, which appeared in the Journal of Education for October 1900; 'Dr Keynes in the Economic Journal of Dec 1900', references to Sidgwick made by Professor Sorley, quoted from a letter of 2 September 1900, and from the International Journal of Ethics for January 1901; reference to Sidgwick made by Alice Gardner in a letter of 24 August 1900; 'Mr C.F.G. Masterman in the Commonwealth for November 1900'; 'From the Cambridge Letter of 1900 of the Newnham College Club'; 'A.T. Lyttelton [Bishop of Southampton] in a letter of Sept. 21, 1900'; 'Sir F. Pollock in a letter of Aug.30.1900'; 'Mrs Sanger [A.D. Pease] in a letter of Sept.23.1900'; 'Mr C. Cooper who took his degree in 1874 in a letter to Dr Ward' from October 1900; 'Professor Mandello, Professor of Law and Political Science at Pressbourg in a letter of Oct. 14, 1900'; 'Miss Agnes Mason in a letter of Nov 16. 1900'; 'Mrs McLeod [E. Stevenson] in a letter of Oct.24.1900'; 'Miss A.M. Jackson in a letter of June 9.1900'; 'Miss Alice Woods in a letter of Sept.2 1900'; 'Miss Amy Sharpe in a letter of Sept.3.1900'; 'Miss Emma Brooke in a letter of Sept.29.1900'; 'Miss Susan Cunnington in a letter of March 9.1902'. Some MS explanatory notes, amendments and emendations included.

Letter from E. M. Forster to R. C. Trevelyan

Harnham, Monument Green, Weybridge. - Asks Trevelyan for recommendations of places in the Lake District where he and his mother could stay: 'not very remote - a little touristy'. Putnam's have taken 'the little story'. Has been looking at the 'Lucy' novel ["A Room With A View"] and is unsure about it, and how to finish it. Dined at [Goldsworthy Lowes] Dickinson's yesterday, and saw [Charles?] Masterman. Enjoyed his time in the New Forest. Note on the back of the envelope records that he is going to see "The Passive Resister" by Elizabeth Robins at Bradfield, and gives the cast of characters.