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Mauron, Marie (1896-1986) writer and poet
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Letter from E. M. Forster to Elizabeth Trevelyan

West Hackhurst, Abinger Hammer, Dorking. - Thanks Bessie for the 'wry gift': will read it, but sees it will bring no comfort to his 'idleness and timidity'. The active left-wingers he sees in London 'dislike and deplore it'. Charles Mauron is in Britain, 'trying to form a popular front', with which Forster sympathises, though he draws back from Mauron's attempts to instigate intervention in Spain. Gets very upset when he cannot support his friends as they wish. Mauron and his wife are in great danger, and feel 'their English friends are failing them'. Has finished 'a long formless paper about the past (semi-political)' for Mary Trevelyan's 'show', and a broadcast on "War and Peace". Enjoyed Dover. Is taking his mother to London on Monday. Would be nice if she and Desmond [MacCarthy?] dropped in. Hopes Bob will give up his Italy trip given the political situation.

Letter from E. M. Forster to Elizabeth Trevelyan

As from W[est] H[ackhurst]. - Lalla [Vandervelde?] - 'for so I understand her to be styled by her gentleman friends' - is not one of his 'most intimate intimates': has only met her twice, each time for no more than an hour. However, they get on well; 'she makes a nice change after so much British monotone', and she 'sends, or tries to send, the Maurons sardines via Portugal'. Is meeting her at Mrs [Olive?] Heseltine's on Monday, as Bessie may have heard, and hopes something else may be arranged. His mother's 'enthusiasm is a little dazzling: she might find the glitter too dazzling'. Will ring Bessie up, or write again.

Hopes they are all getting on well. Has had an 'out-of-the-way pleasant time lately, culminating in the 8th symphony by accident last night'.