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Davenport, Anne (1913-2003) née Lofthouse, wife of Harold Davenport
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'On writing mathematical papers'

D.201: Correspondence, 1966, 1969; 2pp. ms. notes.
D.202: (Unpublished). Background material (printed matter).
D.203: (Unpublished). 23pp. typescript draft with covering letter to Mrs. Davenport from L. J. Mordell, June 1969. Letters to Mrs. Davenport re paper from J. W. S. Cassels, October 1969, and V. Armitage, February 1970.

'Trigonometrical polynomials'

'Trigonometrical polynomials', published as 'The zeros of trigonometrical polynomials', Mathematika, 19, 1972, 88-90, with the footnote:

'This note has been prepared for publication by Professor H. Halberstam from a draft manuscript sent to him in 1967 by the late Professor Davenport in the course of a correspondence on the large sieve inequality; specifically, Halberstam had asked Davenport whether the inequality might not have some applications in the theory of trigonometrical polynomials and the note came in reply to this query.'

3pp. ms. note by Davenport; letter from Halberstam returning it to him, March 1968.

Letter to Mrs. Davenport from C. A. Rogers, March 1972, enclosing photocopies of her husband's original draft and the proposed paper Halberstam had prepared from it.

Typescript biographical notes made by Mrs. Davenport after her husband's death

Typescript biographical notes made by Mrs. Davenport after her husband's death, in the form of chronological lists, as follows:

Visits made by German, and other, mathematicians from 1933 onwards, initially at Davenport's rooms in Trinity College, Cambridge.

Visits to conferences, foreign universities and institutions, 1931-68.

Students supervised by Davenport at Cambridge, 1959-69.