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Winter, G.
FRSH/F/143-145 · File · 1918–1962
Part of Papers of Otto Frisch

F.143: 1918–39, 1947–51
F.144: 1952–62. Includes correspondence re Winter with M.L.E. Oliphant.
F.145: c1942-c1961. Miscellaneous verse translations by Winter (some with dates 1942-47, and 1961), programmes of concerts at which he played, photographs, etc.

SYNG/J/182-185 · Series · 1964–1968, 1983
Part of Papers of Richard Synge

Synge wrote the biographical memoir of Marston (who died in 1965) for the Royal Society (Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 13, 267). Synge visited Australia in 1967 in connexion with his preparation of the memoir.

J/182-J/183: Correspondence with Royal Society, correspondence with colleagues and others re information, recollections, 1965–1967.
J/184: Miscellaneous background material including copies of letters from M.L.E. Oliphant to Marston, 1964
J/185: List of names and addresses for presentation of reprints of memoir, letters of appreciation from recipients and other readers of memoir, some with further information and recollections, 1967–1968, 1983.

FRSH/A/233 · Item · 1943-1950
Part of Papers of Otto Frisch

Includes some later caricatures dated 1950. Those identified by Frisch are 'Prof. George Placzek', 'Oppenheim?', 'Gamov? Mark Oliphant?', 'Author of the Black Cloud [F. Hoyle]'.

FRSH/A/48 · File · Apr.-June 1939
Part of Papers of Otto Frisch

Correspondence re arrangements to come to Britain, visits to London, Cambridge, Birmingham, etc., offers of posts.
Correspondents include Blackett, Bragg, Cockcroft, Oliphant, and also Frisch's farewell exchange with Bohr, his CV, list of publications, etc.
There are typed duplicates of some of the letters at the back of the folder.
During the correspondence, Frisch refers to his friend F. Urbach and offers to cede his place to Urbach if only one was available.

Book reviews
FRSH/C/76 · File · 1950–1979
Part of Papers of Otto Frisch

Most of these are additional to the list given in the Bibliography, Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society, 27, 305.

'The Acceleration of Particles to High Energies', Discovery, 1950.

'Atomkraft heute und morgen', by Carlos Sánchez del Rio, 1955.

'The Great Decision', by M. Amrine, New Scientist, 1960.

'The Birth of the Bomb', by R.W.Clark, Discovery, 1961.

'From Dualism to Unity in Quantum Physics', by A Landé, Contemp. Physics, 1961.

'The New World', U.S. Atomic Energy Commission History, Vol.1, New Scientist, 1962.

'Physics in the Sixties', ed. S.K. Runcorn, Discovery, 1963.

Combined review of books by Oppenheimer, Weizsäcker and Schrödinger, New Statesman, 1964.

'The Nature of matter', by L.C.L. Yuan, Science Journal, 1965.

'The Art of the soluble', by P.B. Medawar, 1969.

'Rutherford - Recollections of the Cambridge days', by M. Oliphant, 1973.

'Collected Works of Leo Szilard', ed. B. Feld and G. Szilard, Physics Bulletin, 1973.

'Solvay Conferences on Physics', by J. Mehra, 1977.

'Scientists in Power', by S. Weart, Nature, 1979.