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Dicey, Albert Venn (1835-1922) jurist
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Letter from James Bryce to Nora Sidgwick

Thanks her for 'the Life' [Henry Sidgwick: a memoir] which is to him 'a priceless possession', and which 'reveals phases of [Henry's] long life-course and sides of his mind which one had not known or not seen the full meaning of'. Hopes to write to her again when he has finished reading; describes it as being 'as simple, and as perfect, as it could have been made.' States that Mr Dicey and Mrs Creighton and others concur with him in the latter sentiment.

Bryce, James (1838-1922) Viscount Bryce of Dechmont, politician

Letter from Francis Jenkinson to Nora Sidgwick

Refers to a memorial meeting [for Henry Sidgwick] held that afternoon. Feels that she will forgive him for not having written in August. Remarks that it must have comforted her to hear what was said of Henry at the meeting, 'and still more the tone in which it was said by Mr Bryce, Leslie Stephen, Canon Gore, Dicey, and Maitland...' Suggests that it must be a help to her to know how his memory lives [on] in the hearts of such men, and to be able to carry on herself 'at least one branch of his work'. Claims that he often wished he knew Henry better, but that he had no excuse for approaching him. Adds that he has happy memories of him at the Ad Eundem and remembers their journey in the same train the previous May.

Jenkinson, Francis John Henry (1853-1923) librarian

Letter from Henry Sidgwick to his sister Mary "Minnie" Benson

Reports that Frank Balfour 'has been for some days in severe fever', and typhoid has been suspected. Claims that some improvement has latterly taken place, and that the pain has somewhat subsided. Refers to the compilation of complaints at Crescent Villa, which they heard about just before Balfour's illness. Hopes that they are all well. Reports that he has seen Arthur [Benson?], and that the same afternoon he came Miss E[llie] Hopkins also called, and absorbed Henry's conversation. Asks her to ask Edward to vote for A.V. Dicey if he should be in the Athenaeum Club between 4 and 6 pm on 20 February. Reports that all is well in Newnham, and that Miss Gladstone is going to be the next Vice President. Explains that it is not yet formally settled, and asks her not to talk of it.

Cambridge University Reporter: 'Report of the proceedings at a meeting for promoting a memorial of the late Henry Sidgwick, Litt.D. Knightsbridge Professor'

Meeting held on Monday, 26 November 1900. Lists those present and those who sent their apologies. Includes the speeches made by the Master of Trinity College [H. M. Butler] and the Vice-Chancellor, Mr Chawner; Sir Richard Jebb, the Right Hon. James Bryce, Leslie Stephen, Canon Gore, the Bishop of Bristol, Professor A.V. Dicey, Professor Maitland, Professor Marshall and Professor James Ward, as well as comments made by the Rev. J. Wardale and Professor Sorley. A motion proposed by Jebb that there be a memorial in Cambridge to Sidgwick was unanimously carried.