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Letter from Sophie Weisse to Elizabeth Trevelyan

Northlands, Englefield Green, Surrey. - So 'delightful that Schotts have bought three more of Donald [Tovey]'s things today'; hopes that his visit to the Streckers will be successful. Asks when would be most convenient for Donald to visit the Trevelyans. Does not know why Bobbie [Robert Trevelyan] told 'a perfect stranger like Dr Strecker' that Donald could only work at the Trevelyans; Percy Such was very indignant so she said it was 'Bobbie's notion of a joke'. Hopes Strecker will not think Donald a lunatic; Mr Such said he had explained it was 'an invention of Bobbie's to secure Donald's company' which she thinks is true, but 'he oughtn't to be greedy'. Lady [Evelyn?] de Vesci has asked her and Donald to join her in the Tyrol, which she would love, but she does not want to hamper Donald. Enjoyed Bessie's last visit very much, and wishes she could do something for her.

Card from Sophie Weisse to R. C. Trevelyan

Northlands, Englefield Green, Surrey. - Thanks Trevelyan for his note: there is 'no loss of friendship' though she thinks him 'very often injudicious in quite forgetting how very little [he knows] of Donald and of his surroundings and requirements'; has much affection for both Trevelyans and is grateful for the 'rest' their society gives Donald. Regrets that Trevelyan interfered with Donald's publishers [the Streckers: see 8/25] at 'so important a moment' and Percy Such was 'justly alarmed and indignant'. Thinks it a shame Donald wastes time on teaching and social functions, and also that the opera ["The Bride of Dionysus"] is a 'serious deflection of his proper work'; is sure though that all will be well, and is appreciates the 'loving care' the Trevelyans take of Donald. Is sure their dates will suit Donald. He will be 'quite independent' of her [in Germany], though she hopes they will meet at Munich; wishes he could travel back with her. It is 'delightful abt Schott' [apparently wanting to take three of Donald's pieces].