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Add. MS b/36/178 · Item · c 1947-c 1955
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

El Boquin, Icod de los Vinos, Jenerife [Tenerife], Canary Islands. Dated 10.1.21 - Would like to hear about their trip through France and Belgium; spent time in Liverpool with Dr and Miss Caton; describes their trip to Lisbon, Madeira, Las Palmas, and Santa Cruz; hears [John] Roscoe is back, thinks it must be exciting to hear his reports.

Add. MS b/37/37 · Item · c 1947-c 1955
Part of Additional Manuscripts b

Trinity College, Cambridge. Dated 15 December 1907 - Is glad he has arrived safely at Mombasa; has accepted the chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Liverpool, which has no salary but no responsibilities, plans to lecture on totemism; has a plan of promoting anthropological research from Liverpool, would like to fund an eighteen month expedition to Western Australia by [Baldwin] Spencer and [Francis] Gillen and would like to fund Roscoe so that he could give himself wholly to anthropological work in Central Africa; asks how long he is committed to the C.M.S., and thinks they have not kept faith with him; asks if he would work exclusively in anthropology, and for details on where and when he would work in Central Africa and for what money; his stepdaughter [Lilly Grove] is doing well at her school in Bristol as a French teacher and will join them for Christmas; hopes Mr [Geoffrey Francis?] Archer will send more notes on the Lake Rudolph tribes; [Alfred] Hollis, [C. W.] Hobley, and Lord Mountmorres (via Dr Richard Caton) have distributed a large number of anthropological questions.

FRAZ/29/45 · Item · 28 Oct. 1920
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

27 Pentland Terrace, Edinburgh - Apologises for being slow in sending the enclosed notes on Kiriwinian fire making [not present], everything is packed in order to leave on 6 Nov.; thanks Lady Frazer for the introduction to Dr [Richard] Caton, who will host them for two nights [in Liverpool] before they leave.

FRAZ/21/58 · Item · [9 Mar. 1910]
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Title continues: 'or Tit-bits of Information concerning the true inward meaning of two comets which have lately appeared over Rodney Street to the consternation & amazement of the inhabitants'; dated March 9th, 39 Rodney Street [Liverpool?]. Humorous verse written for a club meeting [?], mentioning comets lately appeared [the Daylight Comet and Halley's?], the general election, and referring to members by name: Keane, [Richard] Caton, [Harold Chaloner] Dowdall, F. E. Smith, MacCunn, Williams, [Frank Stanton?] Carey; mentioning Frazer first: 'Frazer, who has written about a vegetable god in so many books we can't quote 'em, And now he comes down with a fresh set of yarns all true about Totem.'

FRAZ/28/88 · Item · [1925?]
Part of Papers of Sir James Frazer

Notes in an unidentified hand, headed with phrases 'Caton's letter' [Richard Caton, former Lord Mayor of Liverpool?] and 'Welcome to guests' before discussing Frazer's career and his particular connection with Liverpool; ends 'welcome to Sir J. and Lady F and call on Campbell'.