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Adams, Mary Elizabeth (1843-1935) wife of Charles Francis Adams
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Letter from Sir George Trevelyan to R. C. Trevelyan

Wallington, Cambo, Northumberland. - Has looked through three volumes of the "Yellow Book" and agrees with Robert that there is 'a certain collective energy and enthusiasm' which makes all the contributors 'do more vigourously [sic], or at any rate more oddly, what they regard as their ideal'; [Henry] James's two stories are very strong; [Walter] Sickert's illustrations 'most curious - in a way better than Beardsley's. The Charles Adamses, 'a pleasant couple', are staying; he is enthusiastic about going on to Flodden; he is seventy one, and his great grandfather [John Adams] was 'deeply interested in the world' up till the age of ninety. Charles Adams has seen bigger battles than Flodden, and was 'asleep in his saddle during Pickins's [sic: Pickett's Charge] at Gettysburg'. The 'Cambo folk' [Charles and Mary] are coming for lunch, with the [Malcolm?] Macnaghtens and 'all the babies'. In a postscript, notes that he has had another letter from [Theodore] Roosevelt, with 'three new spellings'.

Letter from Caroline Trevelyan to Elizabeth Trevelyan

Wallington, Cambo, Northumberland. - Glad that Elizabeth enjoyed the visit of her friend [Miss de Natrys]. Sorry to hear she has nettle rash, which is a 'horrid thing'; she herself had it for several weeks on her return from therr travels this year. Glad Robert is better and hopes he will soon make progress; asks if he is working on the novel. Asks if [Roger Fry's] illustrations [for Robert's "Polyphemus and Other Poems"] are finished, and if the arrangement has been made with the publisher [Johnson]. Theo [Llewelyn] Davies is here today, as are Mr [Charles Francis, Jr] and Mrs Adams; the Adamses are American, and he has corresponded with Sir George for a long time so they are keen to meet each other. Tomorrow they are expecting the G [?] Buxtons and two daughters. Asks Elizabeth to write from Pinewood to say how Aunt Margaret [Holland] is. Hopes Robert and Elizabeth will be able to make their landlord do the repairs.

Letter from Caroline Trevelyan to Elizabeth Trevelyan

Wallington, Cambo, Northumberland. - Glad to hear good news of Elizabeth, and that she got all her shopping now; if the 'elderly nurse seems suitable' when they meet, she will feel settled and ready for 'the event' [giving birth]. Helen Verrall is here; Mr Hunsfield [?] and his son are arriving today, then Sir George's American friend C[harles] F[rancis] Adams and his wife come on Saturday. Mary and Pauline return tomorrow; hopes the troubles [local illness?] are over. George arrived 'over-worked & looking ill'; is taking a real holiday and seems to be getting better. Sir George is well, and much enjoyed his days shooting yesterday at Catcherside. Sends love to Bob; was 'flattered' at him liking her article. Sure Elizabeth is enjoying Mr [Donald] Tovey's playing. Pantlin is finishing the flannels, which will be sent soon. Hopes the lane [at the new house] will soon be 'all it should be'.