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Bowes, Robert (1835-1919) bookseller and publisher
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Letter from Robert Bowes to Nora Sidgwick

Refers to an enclosed list of all the articles appearing in Macmillan's Magazine that can be identified as written by Henry Sidgwick. States that his [Bowes'] cousin claims that they are unable to trace any anonymous articles, 'and the memories of the present generation do not go back far enough.'

MS list of articles by Henry Sidgwick that appeared in Macmillan's Magazine between May 1861 and August 1867. A poem entitled The Despot's Heir in the March 1861 number is also mentioned; it is signed 'H.S.', but the writer is unsure as to whether it is by Sidgwick.

Bowes, Robert (1835-1919) bookseller and publisher

Letter from George Macaulay Trevelyan to R.C. Trevelyan

3, Hare Court, Inner Temple. - Came here this evening, but missed Bob; has to dine with 'Dons & people' tomorrow evening and so will not see him then at 8 Gros[venor Crescent], but will try to see him on Thursday or Friday. Will not be able to come to 'Fatty's dinner' as he has many things of 'exceptional importance to settle'. Will be at Welcombe with Sir George at the weekend to talk about his dissertation, which 'must now become a book' ["England in the Age of Wycliffe"]; Sir George is going to read it, and he would also like Bob to do so as soon as he can and give him 'general opinions & criticisms'; will not show it to 'any other young person', since he will have 'such a lot of elderly [emphasised] academic advisers as it is'. Moore 'was quite certain [to get a Fellowship]', but George is 'a surprise!'. Has been to see 'old Bowes (of McMillans, Cambridge)' who told him Jackson and Verrall had both bought 'M. & A.' [Bob's "Mallow and Asphodel"], and that he was ordering many more copies to put in the window for the beginning of term. Jos[iah] Wedgwood's wife [Ethel] is 'very much pleased' with the book; cannot tell Bob more about sales or 'private or general opinions at Cambridge', as it has not yet 'assembled'.

Letter from Sir George Trevelyan to R. C. Trevelyan

Welcombe, Stratford on Avon. - Their 'most loving Christmas wishes' to Robert, Elizabeth and Julian; sends Robert an article from the American "Nation". Is more than half-way through the "Iliad" for the first time in, he thinks, fifty years; he used to read it 'pretty regularly' before then. In the library here, there is a copy of [Joshua] Barnes's 1711 "Homer", the edition which 'called forth Bentley's inimitable letter'; has that with him for the line-by line translation into Latin, and works from his beautiful Grenville. Sends a letter from Jackson; worth noting his advice a classical bookshop. Has had a 'most workmanlike and informing' letter from old Mr [Robert] Bowes, who was at Macmillan's in Cambridge when Sir George used to go 'about his Cambridge squibs and verses'.

Letter from Sir George Trevelyan to R. C. Trevelyan

Welcombe, Stratford on Avon. - Thanks for Robert's letters; especially interested to hear about Robert's friend [Rabindranath] Tagore. Amused to receive from Bowes a volume of Aeschines Socraticus [Aeschines of Sphettus], containing some dialogues the [Oxford] "Classical Dictionary" says are 'not sanguine"; it reminds him of the young American lady at Rome who thought he was writing a life of Caroline Fox and that John Morley, who came to visit them at the hotel, was Sam Morley. Caroline was glad to have the letter from Elizabeth. Will pay the 'usual 6 guineas on the 1st January', then Robert should take steps to make himself a 'country member' [of the National Liberal Club, see 12/274?]